Legal Battles Fail to Derail Former President’s Return to White House

Opponents taking legal action against former President Donald Trump have failed to stop him from making the biggest political comeback in history, established media reports recently acknowledged.

Many Republicans, encouraged by reports of multiple meetings between the Biden administration and Trump prosecutors, believe the numerous charges against Trump are aimed at politically sabotaging his re-election campaign. . This strategy doesn’t seem to be working from Georgia to Florida to Washington, D.C. Polls in battleground states show Trump remains the political favorite for re-election in November.

What initially appeared to be a “wall of legal hurdles” blocking Mr. Trump’s biggest comeback in political history now appears to be nothing more than “a series of speed bumps.” Politico’s Senior Legal Reporter Josh Gerstein Admitted Wednesday:

The four criminal cases Trump faces have distracted him from campaigning and led him to devote even more of his mental energy to his opponents in court, as evidenced by his speeches and social media feeds. became.

But for now, the indictments don’t seem destined to deliver the kind of legal accountability promised by President Trump’s investigators. Or it is unlikely to deliver the devastating political blow to Trump’s prospects that has angered his critics since the incident was widely publicized. Last year it was a 5 month span.

Trump has benefited greatly from repeated postponements. After two postponements this week in Georgia and Florida, the most likely scenario in 2024 is that the only trial President Trump faces before the election is one underway in Manhattan, meaning a number of lawyers This is a hush money case that is considered the least serious by the government. One of four, both in terms of the severity of the alleged misconduct and the prospect of a prison sentence.

Multiple establishment media personnel echoed Gerstein’s analysis.Kyle Cheney, Congressional Reporter politikonoted Wednesday that Trump has a serious chance of winning in November because he may not face a jury outside of his ongoing criminal trial.

But legal issues raise the possibility that Trump will not be brought to a jury in either of the two federal cases brought by special counsel Jack Smith. If Trump wins the election later this year and the two federal lawsuits remain pending, he is almost certain to order the Justice Department to investigate the case. And his lawyers are predicting a move to delay the Georgia trial during the possible inauguration, even if state courts allow it to proceed.

Reuters reporter Andrew Goudsward also said: Admitted Wednesday announced that the law against Trump had no effect:

Taken together, recent developments suggest that President Trump’s ongoing trial in New York related to hush-money payments to porn stars ahead of the 2016 election is the only one to go before a jury before voters cast their ballots. It is much more likely that this is an incident.

If Trump wins, he could order the Justice Department to drop two federal lawsuits against him after he takes office in January 2025. That’s not an option for the New York and Georgia cases, but legal experts say state prosecutors are likely to do so. There will be no progress while he is president.

President Joe Biden’s historically low polling numbers will not be boosted if President Trump is likely to be convicted in any case, a Leger study recently found. Polls show that if a jury convicts Trump, a small number of his current supporters could shift to the undecided camp. If the shock of a possible conviction wears off, Trump could win over these undecided voters again.

The poll appears to contradict the theory that a possible Trump conviction would somehow boost Biden’s fledgling poll numbers. Biden’s approval rating is about 40%. Historically, incumbents with an approval rating of 50 percent or higher are reelected.