Lewinski advocates constitutional amendments | Blaze Media

Monica Lewinsky writes: piece Advocated for several amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

One of her proposals is to abolish the electoral system used to select presidents.

“The most basic foundation of democracy is the fact that rulers, especially heads of state, are chosen by free and fair elections. The electoral college is not,” she argued.

She also supports age and term limits for elected leaders.

“While not ageist, elected officials are also subject to retirement ages and term limits, especially given that their long-term decisions can affect people, the nation, and the world for years after they are in office. “There should be a term for your tenure,” she wrote. She also pointed to polls showing strong public support for an upper age limit for elected officials and Supreme Court justices.

Lewinsky also believes security clearance checks are necessary for individuals to qualify for public office. “In my opinion, if you can’t pass a rigorous security screening, you shouldn’t be able to put your name on a presidential or U.S. Congressional ballot,” she said.

Lewinsky clarified that “the president should not be able to pardon himself,” and suggested that pardoning relatives “should be subject to some kind of bipartisan parliamentary mechanism.”

She also advocated for “the long-lost Equal Rights Amendment and an amendment that reaffirms women’s right to reproductive freedom.”

“Even if the country is under martial law, the Constitution cannot be suspended. It is completely suspended,” she wrote.

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