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Lewis Hamilton helps unveil the Denver Broncos’ 2024 NFL schedule

The Denver Broncos enlisted the help of the seven-time champions to announce their 2024 NFL schedule.

lewis hamilton.

Hamilton, who joined the Walton Penner Family Ownership Group in 2022, appears in the team’s schedule announcement video previewing the 2024 schedule. F1 drivers have been tasked with trying out different foods associated with each team on the Denver schedule this season. The video begins with Hamilton eating a carrot dipped in ranch dressing during the Broncos’ season opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

“I don’t really like ranch,” says Hamilton, dipping carrots in dressing. “There’s no way they’re eating carrots over there.”

Hamilton admitted that the flavor profile is actually pretty good. “It’s actually really loud,” the driver says with a laugh.

Any other great moments? Hamilton asked.[w]Is the hat an inser? ” Denver’s Week 2 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was one such moment. Or when Hamilton winced after trying Southern Grits in connection with Denver’s Week 8 game against the Carolina Panthers.

“That was definitely the worst situation,” said the Mercedes driver. “What on earth is that? The texture was so slimy…that was really annoying.”

He also left dog treats for his bulldog, Roscoe, at Denver’s Week 13 game against the Cleveland Browns.

One dish that Hamilton highly praised? Avocado toast paired with the Los Angeles Chargers, whom the Broncos will play in Weeks 6 and 16. “This is a bomb,” Hamilton reported.

Watch the full video here:

Hamilton and the rest of the F1 grid will return to action this weekend at the F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Learn more about F1 here SB Nations Here is the F1 hub.