Lisa Lopez-Galvan killed in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting: report

An avid Kansas City Chiefs fan and mother of two was killed Wednesday afternoon in a shooting near the team’s Super Bowl championship parade, according to reports.

Lisa Lopez Galvan was shot in the abdomen and died during surgery at a local hospital, her loved ones confirmed. Kansas City Star.

“She was the most amazing, beautiful person,” Lisa Lopez, a longtime unrelated friend and assistant newsroom executive at The Star, told the paper.

Lisa Galvan Lopez has been identified by her loved ones as the person killed in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade shooting.

“She was a local DJ. She officiated everyone’s weddings. We all knew her. She was so full of life.”

It is unclear whether Lopez-Galván was the only person identified as dead by Kansas City police, or whether her killing represented a second homicide.

The afternoon before she died, López-Galván’s Facebook page was filled with messages wishing her a safe recovery: “Prayers to you and your family.”

Police said at an evening press conference that one person was killed and 22 others, including nine children, were injured when gunmen opened fire at the end of a victory parade attended by thousands of fans.

Friends and family said Lopez-Galván’s adult son was also shot, and one of his two cousins, believed to be minors, were also injured in the chaos.

Lopez-Galván, who is in her mid-40s, lived with her husband and two children in Shawnee, just an hour southeast of where the tragic shooting occurred.

Ms. Galván-Lopez was a married mother of two and worked as a disc jockey at a local radio station.

She worked as a disc jockey for community radio station KKFI and co-host of Tejano Tuesday, which focused on Hispanic music. Beto Lopez, president and CEO of Guadalupe Center, is her brother, the Star reported.

Lopez-Galván is an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, and her Facebook page was flooded with support for the team in the days leading up to Sunday’s second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

Lisa Lopez, an employee of The Star, said Lopez-Galván emailed her on Monday to obtain a commemorative edition of the newspaper chronicling her favorite team’s historic victory.

López-Galván was an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan. Facebook
The shooting left at least one person dead and 22 injured. Getty Images

“She has a beautiful family. She was a very happy person,” Lopez said.

A Kansas City Police Department spokeswoman declined to say whether Lopez-Galván was the person who was pronounced dead from the shooting.

“Once we can positively identify the victim and notify her family, we will be able to release the victim’s name,” a spokesperson told the Post.

Loved ones described Galván Lopez as “the most amazing and beautiful person.”

Three people were taken into custody in connection with the shooting, police said.

The shooting remains under investigation.