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Lubavitcher Aaron Pinsonthe founder and CIO of Equinum, a white-glove asset management firm, recently launched Inq, which caters to everyone, even those just beginning their investment journey. full story

Aaron Roshak

After giving presentations to various youth groups around his native Crown Heights, Aaron Pinson I run into the same question on a regular basis. As founder and CIO of wealth management firm Equinum, Pinson knows the financial industry inside and out, and is passionate about educating young people to start investing often and early. . After emphasizing the importance of compound interest and the benefits of starting young, audiences are often eager to take advantage of it and get started.

As a wealth management company for high net worth individuals and institutions, Equinum’s minimum initial investment is well beyond the means of the average young adult.
Equinum staff are looking for ways to give back to their communities, helping young people on the path to financial security with smart investments, and partnering with Charles Schwab to create a unique platform for small investors to dive right in. created a platform. Called ‘Inq’, you can receive professional portfolio allocation from a large client management company — without the usual big minimums and fees.

Mr Pinson said: “This is a unique opportunity for a much broader audience to invest in a professionally managed and diversified portfolio, compounding their funds over time.”

For as little as $5,000, anyone can log into the site, open an account, and choose the type of portfolio they want to invest in without a single phone call. It also removes a lot of the guesswork.

Equinum calls each new client and, in line with our client-focused company philosophy, provides expert guidance as they begin their investment journey. For many of our clients, Inq is their first introduction to the vast world of wealth management, so this is an invaluable service. Having professional guidance as they navigate this overwhelming world is a valuable commodity.

To further support the community and bring relatively inexperienced potential investors to the right place, Equinum works with local accountants and other frontline financial vendors to offer their services. As a local company with its roots firmly rooted in the community, Equinum is a comfortable and reliable solution for many.

“Over the years, I have heard people who wish they had had professional guidance along their investment journey. Mendel Rahman, Advisor to Equinum. “We are very pleased to be able to provide a platform that provides guidance that is accessible to such a wide audience.”

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this new offering can log on. .

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