Locals outraged after pet owner leaves fish inside aquarium on curb among ‘free’ items

Australians are furious after pet owners dumped fish on the side of the road to help clean up the city.

A woman was walking in Sydney’s inner west on Monday when she stumbled upon an assortment of “free” products on the street in Forest Lodge.

Horrifyingly, the pet fish found locally was still swimming around in an unplugged aquarium with only a little water left in the hot sun.

She shared a photo of the tank to the Street Bounty Inner West Facebook page. The Facebook page is a popular community site for people to share the city’s curbside pickups and other free items.

“There are fish in the aquarium!” Will anyone be able to save them? ” she asked.

An Australian woman was shocked to see someone leave her pet fish on the road for people to take home. Street Bounty Inner West/Facebook

People immediately flooded the comments section with offers to adopt the abandoned fish and save it from an uncertain fate.

“I have (a tank) at home. The tank is perfectly healthy and I would like to give these fish a new home,” one woman replied.

Others turned their attention to blaming the original owners.

“My God, sometimes we are a pathetic species.”

“Thank you for saving me! What’s wrong with people,” another commented.

“Oh I hope they get rescued! It’s not cool being out in the heat,” a third person wrote.

“I was surprised at how many people do this to their pet fish. I’m glad there was a warning! And thank you to whoever saved them. Poor bastards,” another said. answered.

leftover fish
“I have (a tank) at home. The tank is perfectly healthy and I would like to give these fish a new home,” one woman replied. Street Bounty Inner West/Facebook

An astute commenter noticed that one of the fish left in the tank was a Peppermint Bristolenose catfish, which can fetch up to $50 to $250.

“Those suckers can be expensive,” they commented.

“Most people are good people, but a few are shit. The previous owner sucked,” another person replied.

Fortunately, local residents have since received multiple offers to confirm that the fish have made it home safely.

“I was so happy that this lovely angelfish found a good home. Also, it’s a pity that I couldn’t have seen it sooner because they were so happy to adopt it!” replied a local.



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