Long Island bakery The Savory Fig, ‘voluntarily recalls’ baked goods after Dunkin doughnut accusation

A Long Island vegan bakery on Tuesday “voluntarily recalled” some of its baked goods amid a state investigation into Dunkin’ Donuts for allegedly trying to pass off its products as its own.

Michelle Sirianni, owner of The Savory Fig in Patchogue, said she was surprised by a local vegan shop after a suspicious-looking donut resembling the fast-food chain’s donuts was found mixed in with other baked goods during a recent delivery. A report was received from a grocery store.

“In February, I sold nearly $800 worth of merchandise to a vendor, and for some reason they claimed Dunkin Donuts had been mixed into the order,” Sirianni said. News12 Long Island. “I am adamant that Dunkin’ Donuts does not falsely claim to be gluten-free or vegan.”

Sirianni’s response comes two months after Cindy Snacks, a former vegan grocer in Huntington, claimed she received donuts from the fast food chain with telltale sprinkles in her order.

In February, Cindy Snack accused Savory Fig of passing off Dunkin’ Donuts as its own. Cindy Snack/Instagram

“On February 23rd, the owner of Savory Fig delivered the baked goods we ordered, including donuts. In the middle of the box was the donut pictured in the first slide,” says Vegan. The market is written in the article. Instagram post on March 4th.

The post included a photo of a strawberry frosted donut covered in a small purple and orange letter “D,” which is suspiciously similar to Dunkin’ Donuts and Sprinkles, which contains dairy and gluten. They were similar.

“I immediately became concerned as to why this donut was decorated differently than other donuts and in a way that was strikingly similar to well-known chains,” said Jonathan Stengel, co-owner of Cindy Snacks. ,” he wrote in the post.

In a text exchange with Sirianni, Stengel expressed concerns about the ingredients in the donuts.

“If this were Dunkin’ Donuts, the ingredients could kill someone because there are so many people with severe dairy allergies who shop here,” Stengel wrote.

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Sirianni responded that the donuts were “absolutely not” from Dunkin’.

Stengel and her partner Cindy Kaye then purchased an EZ gluten home test kit for the pastry. According to a photo shared in the post, the test result was “highly positive” for gluten.

Sirianni claimed that after the allegations spread, she was threatened and harassed and was forced to change and relocate her phone number.

“The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has not imposed any fines or revoked or suspended our licenses,” the baker said. “We will be introducing a new labeling system to protect our clients from allergens and cross-contamination, and ourselves from product tampering and any future incidents.”

Mr. Sirianni has since confirmed that his business has begun working with the Department of Agriculture.

The bakery is registered as a homegrown processing business based in Patchogue.

“The Savory Fig is working with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to ensure that our products are taken with extreme caution due to the possibility of undeclared wheat gluten, soy, and/or milk allergens that may appear on our products. “We are voluntarily recalling baked goods that we paid for in the production of “baked goods,” the bakery said. Statement of April 24th.

Items being recalled include donuts, frosted rolls, matcha cinnamon rolls, maple pecan oat scones, and blackberry crumb muffins.

In a text message exchange with Sirianni, Stengel expressed concerns about the ingredients in the donuts and said people with severe dairy allergies visit his store. Cindy Snack/Instagram

People with allergies or severe sensitivities to certain types of allergens (e.g., peanuts, tree nuts (chestnuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts, cashews), milk, eggs, sulfites) has the following risks: Ingestion of these products may cause serious or life-threatening allergic reactions, the statement said.

No illnesses or injuries related to possible allergen contamination associated with the item have been reported.

In an unrelated move, CindySnacks has since closed as a vegan market and plans to open as a vegan deli in Centerreach.