Louisiana Man to Be Chemically Castrated After Juvenile Rape Conviction 

A man convicted of raping a boy under the age of 13 in Louisiana is chemically castrated before being reintegrated into society.

Ryan Clarke, 34, from Kentwood pleaded He was found guilty of March 1 felony sexual assault, sexual abuse of a boy under the age of 13, and second-degree rape, according to Tanguipahoa County District Attorney Scott Pellilou.

Perilou Said in the statement:

On July 16, 2020, the Tanguipahoa County Sheriff’s Office was notified by a person confided by the victim of lewd behavior between Clark and the boy. This person explained that this behavior had been going on for over a year of his. The boy was then interviewed at Hammond’s Children’s Advocacy Center and was able to give details of the incident. A possible second victim was also discovered.

“Clark also has a prior misdemeanor carnal misdemeanor conviction for being subjected to public oral sex from a minor,” Pelelou added. I was sentenced to 128 days in prison.”

Judge Brian Ables declared Clark is sentenced to 35 years in prison, the first 25 years of which he will serve without the possibility of parole. Ables also ruled that Clark must register as a sex offender for life, renounce all his parental rights, never contact his victims, and undergo chemical castration before his release.

Former Governor Bobby Jindal (R) approved chemical castration for certain criminals in 2008. Chemical castration involves injections of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), a drug that suppresses male libido by lowering testosterone levels.

Department of Justice (DOJ) I got it After taking castration drugs, offenders “have no motivation to commit sex crimes and are more likely to undergo psychotherapy to reintegrate into society.”

“MPA treatment minimizes the offender’s involvement as a sexual psychopath and allows them to continue in rehabilitation. The Office of Justice Programs said.

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