‘Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Responds to Haters After Jimmy Calls Her Clingy: “I Have A Therapist!”

love is blind Season 6 contestant Chelsea responded to the hate on the internet after the latest episode dropped. The new season premiered on February 14, 2024. Netflix We release new episodes every Wednesday. The new season introduces a new group of contestants, and this one in particular seems to be struggling.

Chelsea, a 31-year-old flight attendant, was initially accused of telling her fiance Jimmy, a 28-year-old software salesman, that she looked like actor Megan Fox when she was in the pod because of her bright eyes and dark hair. was criticized online. .

When the two finally meet in person, Jimmy makes unfavorable comments in a solo interview, accusing Chelsea of ​​lying about her appearance.

Comments online are so long that Chelsea I reacted to people I didn’t like. “This will be a great opportunity for those who have said I look like her to come forward,” he said on his social media.

With the latest four episodes released on February 21, 2024, the internet will be watching for new interactions between Chelsea and Jimmy.

In episode 8, “Obsession with Love”, Chelsea expresses to Jimmy that he doesn’t give her enough attention and claims that they haven’t even kissed all day. Her fiancé immediately rejects her claims and they begin to argue.

“Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can say I love you all the time,” says Jimmy. “To be honest, I bit the living thing out of my lip and it hurt to speak. I love you to death and I care about you so much, but to tell you the truth… And you’re being a little clingy.”

Chelsea was surprised by the comment and replied: …sticky? are you kidding? That was extremely rude. ”

Chelsea - Jimmy - Love is Blind
Photo: Netflix

Chelsea continued: You say I’m being clingy when I’m trying to do something to prove to you, like, “Hey, I love you.” ”

Jimmy says he’s “telling her how he feels,” which makes Chelsea even more upset.

Chelsea responded, “I would never want to be with someone who calls me too clingy, especially someone who puts a shitty ring on my finger.”

As the conversation continues, Jimmy and Chelsea argue about how many times they kissed in a day, with Chelsea claiming that they kissed twice. He explained that he woke up late that day, went straight to work, and immediately socialized with her friends after work. Chelsea then brings up Jess, another woman in the pod who had a close relationship with Jimmy.

She goes on to list all the things she’s done to show her love for Jimmy, including making him dinner, watching “his show,” and talking with him. Things like having sex. Comedian Jimmy responded, “If you’re going to bring up sex, you’re the one who wanted to have sex. I wanted a break from that too.”

Chelsea leaves the room and Jimmy begins to pack his things to go back to his apartment. The couple reconciles in the next episode, but the internet isn’t completely convinced. “If you look at Chelsea’s actions, it looks like she’s done all this.” love is blind experimented to satisfy her constant need for reassurance and approval from people. Just like girls, you need therapy, not marriage.” I have written Alone on Twitter.

another expressed“I didn’t think it was a bad thing to be called clingy. Then my buddy went down twice and said I don’t really want to have sex with you either.”

third party tweeted“I watch reality shows for the drama, but I watch Chelsea.” love is blind It’s so exhausting and dramatic that I almost get tired of watching her. Her anxiety is the star of the show. ”

Wednesday, Chelsea reacted to the reaction to the new episode “This is a very unique experience and I want everyone to understand that if you don’t give it your all, you’re fooling yourself in this situation and you’re fooling everyone else,” he said on TikTok. I need to get it.”

In the video, Chelsea describes herself as a “very emotional person” and says that despite receiving a lot of hate, she will never apologize for it. “The other thing you guys love to drag me into the ditch with is anxiety,” she added. “That’s something I’ve struggled with in the past. It was an issue that I had to really put in a lot of effort to overcome. I also want you to understand that this was a year ago. 1 A lot can change in a year. I think everyone is still battling some anxiety.”

Chelsea described herself as a “new bitch” and had one final word for her critics: “Finally, I have a therapist.”

When you put all the information together, I think it’s clear to say that Jimmy was a little careless with his choice of words and that Chelsea was feeling extra sensitive. Will the couple be able to get off the altar? only time will tell! However, Chelsea has hinted at relationship problems with Jimmy, with her Instagram comment saying, “She should have chosen someone else.”

love is blind is currently streaming on Netflix.



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