MacIntyre: Wokeness is not going away

I have been debating with other political commentators about whether the ruling classes will withdraw from their awakened ideological focus. The administration’s insistence on imposing transgender indoctrination on children has generated an incredible organic backlash, and the encouragement of BLM riots during the pandemic has exposed the anarchic tyranny of our establishment. , the regime’s emphasis on political loyalty over merit has created capacity. Both public and private crises.

The hegemonic control over popular narratives that our rulers usually enjoy is beginning to crack under pressure. The administration’s smart move seems very obvious. It alienates the awakened and shifts its focus to other less corrosive justifications for power. This would be great advice for our ruling class, but they can’t heed it. Awakening is not just some random ideology that the elite grabbed off the shelf. It contains key elements that allow for the expansion of their power while at the same time providing a theological justification for their rule. This radical offshoot of progressivism is necessary both mechanically and spiritually for the survival of the regime.

Everywhere and everywhere, power expands and centralizes. To secure more power, the state, like any organization wishing to establish a monopoly, must ruthlessly eliminate all competitors. Local governments and natural hierarchies represent innate barriers to the concentration of state power that organically arise in society.

In order for a central state to achieve complete control, it must dismantle local alternatives and disrupt the emerging social structures that naturally arise during the formation of human social organization. Progressives want absolute control so that human nature can be altered to realize a distorted utopian vision. Communities, churches, and families all stand in the way of the entire nation that the Left needs to achieve its goals.

Modern whole nations operate on the administrative structure described by James Burnham in his book The Management Revolution. Mass bureaucracy has become the default pattern of social organization in all advanced civilizations, rearranging the way humans interact with work, government, media, commerce, and more. The gigantic bureaucracy is the default because it promises abundance and prosperity through the efficiency miracles produced by mass consumption and mass production.

Modern organizations have to handle large-scale logistics and, like an assembly line that builds thousands of identical automobiles, must reliably produce the same results over and over again. Managerialism is the science of operating large-scale bureaucratic structures, and the techniques adopted by modern managerial classes allow for the level of standardization necessary to predictably extract the necessary efficiencies from these organizations. Masu. Universalization is critical for managers looking to continuously improve scale and efficiency.

In his book Leviathan and His Enemies, Samuel Francis updates and expands James Burnham’s work by examining the mechanisms by which modern bureaucracies have expanded their power. Francis explains that bureaucracies demand uniformity to create efficiency, but individual humans are never uniform. Some people are religious and cannot work on Sundays. In some communities, having a large family is more important than being able to buy consumer goods. In some cultures, norms exist that prohibit the entry of large numbers of immigrants and reduce labor costs. These cultural and moral characteristics act as barriers to the uniform application of management methods, which of course means limiting the amount of power the ruling class can secure.

Awakening is an essential tool for the ruling managerial class as it helps homogenize all competing cultural and moral details into a single hyper-progressive unified system. The Awakening doctrine calls for an endless deconstruction of existing cultures and a perpetual revolution in which every aspect of identity is challenged and rebuilt.

Cultural traditions, histories, holidays and symbols are dismantled and demonized to be replaced with new paradigms that do not impede the efficiency of administrative structures. The roles of parents, priests, community leaders and all traditional authorities are being questioned until they are replaced by activists, educators and social workers loyal to the new order. Organic centers of moral authority such as the family and church have been undermined, allowing the mass media to consistently stream ideological propaganda that creates uniform social expectations and moral attitudes across the nation. . The hedonistic, cosmopolitan norm strips away all remaining forms of natural identity and moral taboos, creating a frictionless and perfect consumer: an utterly forgetful and malleable subject.

Awakening is also useful because it reverses the natural hierarchy and creates a loyal infantry who take full control of their social status. Incompetent, mentally unstable, socially maladjusted, and physically unhealthy people will never get anything else if they pledge unwavering loyalty to those who hold this inverted pyramid high. can claim power and status without Anyone willing to kiss the ring can dominate their neighbor.

This is a high-status job that requires no real skill set other than cunning to spread the regime’s propaganda and chastise its enemies, with Awakeners infiltrating every institution and loyal flatterers. It means that we are creating a backer network that can be given. Trans ideology traps young children, strips them of all inherent identities and social ties, while at the same time turning them into medically dependent wards of whole nations and their governing bureaucracies. This creates an ever-expanding voting cohort that considers their very existence to be wholly dependent on the current progressive order.

Because the function of arousal is not merely mechanical in nature, it also serves a mental function. Every society needs a narrative about why the ruling class should be given power, a political formula that explains the position of the ruling class in society. Wakeness tells the story of the evil demons of oppression being defeated by the righteous agents of fairness and social justice, but we must prevent the evil oppressors from breaking out of their cages and ruling the land again. , requires constant vigilance by residents. The price of this vigilance is to empower management-ruling professionals with increasingly totalitarian social engineering powers.

While the more capable elite would have recognized the destabilizing effects of enlightened doctrine, our leaders are true believers. They are so drunk on their own propaganda that they truly believe that without the continued application of totalitarian social engineering, society will collapse into the Dark Ages and be swallowed whole by the mob.

The Awakening is a story that works for global expansion, so it cannot be ignored. Our administrative ruling class seeks to extend its power over the world by destroying the competing cultural and moral authorities that exist in other countries, just as it has done in America. Have to. This is why Starbucks is running transgender ads in India and American celebrities are complaining about being gay in Uganda. Wokeness is an acid of civilization intended to dissolve these diverse cultures into her one easily manageable gray slime. The ideological drive towards hedonism and racism is no coincidence, it is an important aspect of forces intended to destroy all previous forms of culture and transform every individual on earth into perfect docile subjects. . Our ruling class will continue to accelerate the awakened agenda regardless of what other problems it creates. For they have embraced an agenda awakened on a spiritual level, which serves their material purpose by providing a coherent means of advancing managerial power.

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