Maine man who won $1.35B Mega Millions sues child’s mother for telling his family about lottery win

A Maine man who won a $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot is suing his daughter’s mother for telling his family about his win against his wishes.

The man is taking legal action after winning the Maine Lottery in January. He opted for his one-time cash payment of $723.56 million. This leaves him with just over $404 million after taxes.

It is unlikely that his identity will be determined. Because he had the option to claim his winnings in a trust to hide his identity.

The man, identified only as “John Doe” in the lawsuit obtained by The Daily Beast, claims that the lawsuit could reveal Victory and jeopardize his public identity and safety. ” is seeking damages from the mother of the daughter, who has been identified as ”. .

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A Maine man who won a $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot is suing his daughter’s mother for allegedly telling his family about his winnings. (Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images / Getty Images)

Two weeks before the man claimed his winnings in February, the woman said, “To avoid irreparable harm from allowing the media and the general public to report on the men’s lottery ticket, I will wait until June 2032 for my daughter to turn 18.” He signed a non-disclosure agreement requiring him to keep his winnings a secret. The public is seeking to discover his identity, physical location, assets, and his daughter, reported.

The man agreed to provide support and ongoing security resources in exchange for her signing an NDA.

Violating the NDA entitles the men to “legal and equitable remedies without the need or need to prove actual harm,” the document says. This relief may include monetary damages, attorney’s fees, and costs incurred by the man after the violation.

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Pencil and Mega Millions lottery ticket

Two weeks before the man claimed his win in February, the woman signed a non-disclosure agreement keeping his lottery win a secret until June 2032, when her daughter turns 18. (Photo illustration: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Getty Images)


Under the NDA, “Sarah” was required to notify the man within 24 hours of any breach of the contract. reports that she did not notify them of the violation after she revealed her win to her father and stepmother on her phone. This news will be passed on to his sister, and more people may find out about his lottery win.

The document states that John Doe has suffered “irreparable injury” as a result of Victory’s unauthorized disclosure, and that “there is no legally adequate remedy and there is an imminent danger that John Doe will continue to suffer irreparable injury.” exists.” . ”

The man wants his mother to reveal who else she told about winning the lottery. He is seeking at least $100,000 for each violation of her NDA, plus attorney fees and court costs incurred.