Maison Des Champs’ Sphere climb caused $100K in damage: cops

A content creator who climbed the Sphere in Las Vegas earlier this week, causing more than $100,000 in damage to the 366-foot-tall venue, taunted police officers and said he would not be found guilty of the crime, police said.

‘Pro-life Spider-Man’ Maison Des Champs, 24, was attacked by countless people as he climbed into the illuminated dome as part of a fundraising stunt to get homeless women to ‘cancel their abortion appointments’. He is said to have stepped on a light.

The Rasvegan local filmed the daring feat while appealing to supporters to donate to his cause.

“She’s homeless and pregnant and needs help,” he said in the video.

According to the arrest report, the sphere is completely encased in 58 million lights to form a giant LED screen, but it is too delicate to support the weight of a human. Obtained by KTNV.

Matthew German, the Sphere’s vice president of security and threat management, told police that the exterior was extremely fragile and repairs were being carried out from inside the venue to prevent staff from touching the Exosphere.

Venue officials are unsure how many lights were damaged during Des Champs’ climb, but they estimate the stunt would have cost more than $100,000.

Maison des Champs filmed itself climbing the Las Vegas Sphere in a stunt to raise money for homeless pregnant women. X/@LVMPD
According to the arrest report, Des Champs told police he had no prior mountaineering convictions and that his “attorney would exonerate him in this case.” News 3LV

They also raised concerns in the report that the venue’s intellectual property may have been leaked to the public during the live-streamed climb.

Countless onlookers spotted or watched Des Champs climb the globe on Tuesday morning, but it was a technician stationed at the venue who first alerted police.

Des Champs told the workers he would climb down from the sphere once he reached the top, but law enforcement refused, saying he would be rescued by helicopter if he did not leave the building.

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Des Champs climbs Accenture Tower in Chicago. ABC

Police said engineers were eventually able to remove one of the light paths, called a carrier, allowing Des Champs to slip through and safely enter the sphere.

Des Champs faces charges including destruction of property over $5,000 and conspiracy to destroy personal property.

The self-proclaimed “pro-life Spider-Man” is known for climbing skyscrapers to raise money for anti-abortion causes, but he told police he had never been convicted of the stunt and said: I’m sure my lawyer will exonerate me in this case as well,” he is reported to have said. ”

Des Champs described himself as a “pro-life Spider-Man.” Getty Images

Des Champs climbed the globe to raise money for Isabelle, a 37-year-old homeless woman who already has twins, to avoid having a planned abortion.

It took him just 20 minutes to “free solo” around a venue taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Three other people were arrested in connection with the stunt, but all were released Thursday and ordered to stay away from the Strip hallways and have no contact with Des Champs for the duration of the incident.

They are all scheduled to appear in court again on February 12, the day after Isabel’s abortion is scheduled.