Major Banking Crisis Looms as Study Finds Nearly 200 More Banks Could Potentially Collapse

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The failure of Silicon Valley Bank, followed two days later by a signatory bank, turned out to be the second largest bank failure in US history. It’s no small feat.

A recent study by the Social Science Research Network found that 186 banks across the country could go bankrupt if half of their uninsured depositors withdrew their funds. What that means is that you, an American citizen, are walking into a bank and wanting what’s rightfully yours. This simple act could cause 186 banks to fail, putting $300 billion in guaranteed deposits at risk.

The SSRN survey also evaluated bank asset books across the United States and found an estimated $2 trillion difference in overall market value. They also said uninsured depositors are a major source of funding for commercial banks, accounting for about $9 trillion in bank liabilities. Therefore, these banks could pose a “significant risk” of collapsing the banking system if we, the public, demand a refund.

Is 2008 on the horizon again? What’s different now? From 2023 he sees the bank collapse in 2024 is just a mile away and it’s coming. 2008 was a surprise, but now he shows the same symptoms as 2008.There are still things each of us can do today protect yourself.

The banking system consists of 100% paper assets. Money, stocks, bonds, mortgages, contracts, futures and more. It’s all paper. Just like during the Great Depression, anyone could wake up one day and find their paper assets halved or worthless. With $31 trillion in debt, could it happen again?

there’s only one way protect your assetsThat means investing 20-30% of your cash or paper assets in precious metals.decide what precious metal It depends on the endgame. This is not a “one size fits all” question.

But in the end it still comes down to ‘preserving capital’. $30,000 in a $100,000 account Money The rest is equities, equities have taken a 60% hit and are now at $28,000 in equities.Perhaps, based on history, your Money It might be worth $35,000 now. So after hitting 60% of your account, you still have $63,000’s a one way street Gold protects your portfolio and your retirement account.

Benjamin Franklin once said: ounce of prevention Worth a £1 treatment. ” These words are not as true today as they are today.just take a step prevent loss of savings It will save you countless sleepless nights when the financial system starts collapsing in debt.

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