Man And Woman Charged With Burglary After Allegedly Trying To Break Into Florida Business To Escape ‘Ghost’

A Florida man and woman were charged with burglary on Tuesday after they allegedly tried to break into a store to escape a “ghost,” Clik Orlando reported.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) photograph, click on orlando report. Andrew George, 38, was found lying on his back, covered in blood, screaming for help, next to 36-year-old Natasha Kathuroy. The cause of her injuries is still unknown. MSN report.

The couple reported to the VCSO that they rented a room at a nearby Travel Inn. Clik Orlando reported that they believed someone was trying to enter the room through the hotel bathroom window. Court records cited by the Times said George and Kathuroy were terrified and fled, believing they were being chased by a mysterious “shadow.” (Related: ‘Who the hell are you?’: Elderly man shoots suspected intruder dead)

Clik Orlando reported that they flew to a marina parking lot where they ran frantically under the assumption that a stranger was chasing them. They parted ways when George tripped and fell into the water trying to escape.

Kachuloy managed to get George out of the water and rushed to a nearby store, according to Click Orlando. Kathroy banged on the door for help, while George threw a chair and tried to break the window, the newspaper said. Meanwhile, neighbors were suddenly awakened by cries for help outside their homes. A concerned woman went outside to investigate and found George and Kathuroy on the front porch of a nearby store.

Surprised by the woman’s appearance, Kathuroi asked for help. However, George allegedly rushed at her woman, who locked the door and took refuge in her home. George allegedly continued banging on the door while her woman armed herself in the kitchen. knifethreatened to use it if they tried to break in.

When the homeowner called 911, Kathuroy tried to prevent a forced entry into George’s residence. George reportedly fled the hotel with Kathroy after the “ghost” pursued him relentlessly and posed a serious threat to his health. according to the outlet.

George reportedly told police he intended to enter the building, but stopped when he heard children’s voices and didn’t want to scare people. child. According to Clik Orlando, George has admitted to taking the street name for the illegal drug ecstasy, “Morley.”

George is currently on $20,000 bail for two counts of robbery, while Kathloy faces charges of masterminding robbery and drug crimes, and bail is set at $5,000. Clik Orlando reported.

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