Man Dies After Accidentally Pinning Himself Between Car And Parking Garage Ticket Machine

A man died after he accidentally pinned himself against a ticket machine while he was trying to exit an Atlanta, Georgia parking garage Thursday.

The man opened his door to reach the ticket machine while exiting the parking garage, according to a news release from the Atlanta Police Department. The man did not put the vehicle in park at the time and the vehicle moved forward while he was partially out of the vehicle.

The driver was pinned between the vehicle and the ticket machine, according to police. He was later pronounced dead at the scene. (RELATED: Beyond Meat Executive Arrested For Allegedly Biting Man’s Nose In Road Rage Incident)

“Preliminary investigation indicates the victim had opened his driver’s side door to reach the ticket machine that operates the exit gate of a parking garage,” the news release read. “The vehicle moved forward while the victim was still partially outside of it which resulted in a collision and entrapment with the driver being pinned.”

The incident happened at the Starling Hotel in Atlanta, according to 11 Alive. Police have not released the name of the victim and are still investigating the incident.

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