Man Dressed As Cowboy Floods US Store With Wine Worth Rs 5 Crore

Video shows the suspect casually entering the building.

An unidentified masked man wearing a cowboy hat and poncho was caught on surveillance footage breaking into a family-owned winery in Washington state. A mysterious intruder targeted Woodinville's Sparkman Cellars, destroyed $600,000 worth of meticulously crafted white wine, and quickly fled into the woods.

Video shows the suspect casually enter the building after entering an employee's key code into a side door around 7:34 p.m. the night before Thanksgiving. new york post report.

Video from the warehouse also shows gallons of homemade white bounty overflowing from tanks and spilling onto the property.

according to comoThe wine spilled continuously for at least nine minutes as the man exited the building through the back door and went into the woods while holding an umbrella.

According to the King County Sheriff's Office, the man entered the facility through the employee entrance on Nov. 22 using a code.

The suspects emptied two stainless steel wine tanks, each containing about 2,500 gallons, the sheriff's office said.

“That shows this person wanted to attack this winery with all their might.” [they] This could be the biggest loss,” said Sergeant Eric White of the King County Sheriff's Office.

in a statement to fox 13The Sparkman family said: “This is a tough blow to our small family business, and the timing was right before the holidays to do the most damage. Our team is extremely grateful for this unimaginable crime. However, we remain resolute and focused. We will continue to do our best.” As we strive to deliver great wines to all of our customers, we appreciate the extraordinary support from our community of wineries, restaurants, retailers, and wine lovers. ”



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