Man Let Go by Gascón After Stabbing Construction Worker Arrested for Murder

A man who escaped a prison sentence thanks to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon after stabbing a construction worker for “noise” in 2020 has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his upstairs neighbor.

fox news report Tuesday:

Stephen Sutherland, 31, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in November 2020 after he cut the neck of a construction worker who was making noise, according to law enforcement officials.

A Los Angeles probation officer warned of the danger of further violence and asked a judge to put him in jail. However, the George Gascon District Attorney’s Office sought a mental health diversion instead. against crime, Critics have argued that the charges were initially petty as assault rather than attempted murder.

On May 23, Sutherland allegedly shot Jennifer Gomez 19 times in her home. Investigators said the two had previously clashed over noise complaints.

Gascon is one of more than a dozen prosecutors in big cities, and at least 75 prosecutors across the country have direct access from left-wing billionaire and Democratic donor George Soros. or indirectly funded and elected.

With the support of the Black Lives Matter movement, he defeated Jackie Lacy, the county’s first black female district attorney, and immediately announced radical criminal justice reform.

Gascon’s tenure coincided with a rise in violent crime — or, critics say, exacerbated it. Two recall efforts failed, the latter because county officials found problems serious enough to invalidate the petition.

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