Manager Of Indian Restaurant In UK Banned For Hiring Illegal Workers

The man was banned from running a business until 2031.


The owner of a takeaway and Indian restaurant in east England has been suspended as a director for seven years for employing three illegal workers from Bangladesh.

Iqbal Hussain, 51, employed staff at the Taste of Large restaurant in Stansted Abbots, Hertfordshire, before it was raided by Immigration Enforcement in 2020. was.

Britain’s Insolvency Office announced on Tuesday that, following further investigation, it had banned Hussein from running a business until 2031.

“Mr. Iqbal Hussain’s failure to ensure that the necessary tests were carried out resulted in him employing three illegal workers in violation of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006,” the Bankruptcy Service’s chief investigator said. Kevin Reed said.

“This represents a serious breach of the law and the standards expected of company directors. As a result of this breach, he is prohibited from promoting, establishing or managing any company in the UK for the next seven years.” Stated. .

Mr Hussain is the sole director of the restaurant, which has been operating under the name Tender Love Limited since June 2014. In the UK, restaurants serving cuisine associated with countries on the Indian subcontinent, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal, are often referred to as Indian. restaurant.

In March 2020, Immigration Enforcement Officers conducted a raid on the premises of Indian restaurant Taste of Large in Hertfordshire and discovered three men who had no right to work in the UK. Three employees, all from Bangladesh and in their 40s, told investigators they worked at the restaurant for anywhere from four days to up to two months.

Officers said Mr Hussain had hired them without carrying out labor rights checks and did not keep the necessary documents to prove they were eligible to work in the UK.

“Illegal employment deceives honest workers into losing their jobs, puts vulnerable people at risk, and defrauds public funds. We will step up our enforcement efforts and triple the fines for unjust employers. We will continue to work with partners such as: “We have set up the Insolvency Service to deal with all forms of illegal immigration.” Suran Padyaki said.

Secretary of State for Business and Trade Kemi Badenoch accepted Mr Hussein’s promise of disqualification, meaning his seven-year ban began last week. This imposes several restrictions on his business activities and prohibits him from being involved in the promotion, establishment or management of a company without court permission.

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