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Mandy Moore is pregnant with her and Taylor Goldsmith’s third baby

Mandy Moore is pregnant with her third baby.

In the future we will be a family of five!

Mandy Moore announces her pregnancy Friday’s Instagram post“Sometimes life imitates art,” she told her followers.

In the caption, the actress wrote about the time when her character, Rebecca Pearson, on “This Is Us,” was raising two sons and a daughter.

The actress revealed the news on Instagram on Friday.
She is due to give birth to a girl. Film Magic

“I’m so happy,” said Moore, who is already mother to three-year-old son August and one-year-old son Oscar. [her] “We’re close to owning the Big Three.”

She concluded: “I can’t wait for these kids to have a little sister.”

The little ones, nicknamed Gus and Ozzy, made an adorable appearance at the announcement wearing “big” and “middle” T-shirts and holding hands.

Moore and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, already have two sons.
Gus was born in February 2021. Mandy Moore/Instagram

The brothers had matching shorts and Crocs.

Moore and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, became parents in February 2021 when their first son was born.

Ozzy arrived the following October.

In October 2022, Ozzy joined our family. Mandy Moore/Instagram
The brothers have a “dream-like” bond. Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore said watching Gus bond with his newborn baby has been a “surreal” experience. Delighted parents next month.

“He’s really sweet, really gentle,” the singer said in an interview in November 2022. “I’m happy that these two sons are close in age, and hopefully they’ll grow up to be best friends.”

She said raising two children under two is “tough” but that she and Goldsmith, 38, are trying to “embrace the lack of sleep”.

Moore and Goldsmith married in 2018. Getty Images for the Critics Association
The pair began dating about three years ago after meeting on Instagram. Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore and the Dawes frontman married in November 2018 after three years of dating.

The Golden Globe nominee married Ryan Adams in March 2009.

The former couple finalized their divorce in 2016, after which Moore came forward in shocking reports alleging that the 49-year-old singer had been emotionally abusive and controlling, and Adams issued a public apology.