Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Dems ‘pedophiles,’ blasts Republicans on ’60 Minutes’

Outspoken Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green doubles down on calling Democrats ‘pedophiles’, denounces established Republicans, denies U.S. to Ukraine in extensive and intense ’60 Minutes’ interview demanded that the flow of aid money be stopped.

Taylor Greene, also known as MTG, made a number of controversial comments during an interview with veteran reporter Leslie Stahl.

In one of the more shocking moments, when Stahl pressured her about her earlier comment that the Democrats were the “party of pedophiles,” a Georgia lawmaker said, “I’m definitely not.” I will say,” he replied.

“They help kids look after themselves,” says 48-year-old Taylor Greene. Said without providing any evidence.

“Democrats support children being sexualized and undergoing transgender surgery, even President Joe Biden himself. is to do to

The Republican has also dealt a blow to her own party, blaming many Republican lawmakers for not following through on priorities during President Trump’s tenure.

Marjorie Taylor Green talks pedophilia in 60 Minutes, saying Democrats support “grooming children.”
60 minutes CBS News

“They betrayed us,” said Taylor Greene, notably naming former House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Sen. Mitt Romney. .

When asked why Trump was not responsible, she replied, “The president doesn’t control everything.”

She also reiterated her opposition to funding weapons and financial aid to Ukraine to help Kiev win its war against Russia’s brutal aggression.

Marjorie Taylor Green stares at a 60 minute interview.
Marjorie Taylor Green stares at a 60 minute interview.
60 minutes CBS News

“What I voted against is funding the war in Ukraine,” she said. “I have consistently said that the United States needs to promote peace in Ukraine rather than fund a proxy war with Russia.”

Stahl’s interview was criticized by many political commentators.

“Stahl interviewed Green as if she was just another Congressman with some odd ideas,” said Atlantic writer Tom Nichols. Tweeted. “We showed MTG some of her worst, but MTG shook it off and Stahl let it all slide.”

Leslie Stahl's interview about Taylor Green caused backlash because Green made many controversial comments.
Leslie Stahl’s interview about Taylor Green was criticized by many political commentators due to Green’s many controversial comments.
60 minutes CBS News

Activist and speaker Victor Shi called the interview “really awful.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I admire Leslie Stahl. But the interview she just had with Marjorie Taylor Green was really bad,” he said in 2020, representing President Biden. Mr. Shi who served Tweeted. “Very little resistance. She allowed MTG to lie.”

Writer Molly John Fast was also one of the many progressives chime in.

“It went so well last time, I’m picking up my mini trumper,” she tweeted.

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