Mass Migration Is Used to ‘Destroy National Identity’

ROME, Italy — Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the Vatican's former doctrinal emperor, warned Monday that globalists are weaponizing mass immigration to destroy countries' national identities.

“Mass immigration is not about helping people, it's about destroying national identity,” Muller said. Said Life site news. “They say the identity of the nation is nationalism and that's what caused all the wars. So they say they're against nationalism, but they're actually against the state. .”

“They want everyone to be completely isolated, unconnected by language, culture, family ties or the homeland they feel at home,” Müller said. declared.

“They want to destroy all of that. They want everyone to be atomized, without any cultural or religious roots or identity,” he said.

Italy's Interior Ministry announced the officials this week. data The number of migrants landing in mainland Italy is at a record high, with a total of 153,071 as of December 7th.

This figure is an increase of 58 percent compared to the same period in 2022 (96,878) and a whopping 143 percent increase compared to 2021, with the number of migrant arrivals as of December 7, 2021 The number is only 63,062.

In fact, Italy won more awards immigration 2023 was higher than any year in the past decade except for 2015, at the height of Europe's migration crisis. Bel Paese Accepted 181,436 sea arrivals.

of all immigrants arrival In Europe in 2023 (268,975), Italy received well over half (57%).

According to Cardinal Müller, who headed the Vatican's Doctrine Secretariat (CDF) from 2012 to 2017, such large-scale migration movements are not just coincidences or coincidences, but are caused by a desire to destabilize the Western world in particular. It is said to be actively promoted by people who wish to do so.

One clear example of such a professional destroyer is the left-wing billionaire George Soros, who deliberately used mass immigration to dilute European national cultures into one amorphous mixture. He has definitely been accused of doing so.

2017, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán condemned A Soros-funded Open Society network campaign promoting pro-immigration policies as a means of eradicating the culture and Christian identity of European countries.

“The Soros network has extensive influence within the European Parliament and other EU institutions,” Orbán said, adding that “its aim is to build a mixed Europe and oppose Hungarian views on immigration.” It's about blaming the government.”

Prime Minister Orban is expose to danger Hungarian sovereignty. “There was a lot of pressure on me to compromise on immigration,” he says.

Hungary's prime minister resists European Union attempts to impose forced migration across Europe, but insists national security and sovereignty must come first when discussing immigration policy. did.

Prime Minister Orban also said that the “Soros empire” keeps a list of “trusted allies” in the European Parliament and other EU institutions to promote open borders policies. He has consistently argued that EU member states have the right to manage their own immigration policies and are not entitled to be dictated to by Brussels.

“A group of Europe's intellectual and political leaders wants to create a mixed society that will completely change the continent's cultural and ethnic identity and the nature of Christianity in just a few generations,” Orban said. he said.

Cardinal Muller lamented in an interview last week that the Catholic Church is complicit in promoting globalist policies despite its inherent hostility to Christianity.

The church is “not just being overrun, it's being turned upside down,” he said. For globalists to succeed, the church “must move in the same direction.”

“But the Christian Church is the sacrament of salvation for the world and the vanguard against the self-destruction of humanity by denialists and nihilists,” he said.



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