Massachusetts man Jeffery Stuart threatens straphangers with pet rat

take the mouse!

A Massachusetts man “well known in transit police” was arrested Thursday for threatening a strap hanger with his pet rat, Jerry. MBTA Transport Police said.

Boston native Jeffrey Stewart is said to have shoved Jerry in the face of innocent commuters at Oak Grove Station in Malden, a city five miles north of Boston.

captured video Stuart pointing at a commuter Jerry cursed and rammed as he clenched his fingers.

“You’re making fun of society,” Stuart says, holding Jerry close to the masked woman’s face.

“Welcome to your nightmare. Welcome to your nightmare. Yep!”

Jeffrey Stewart lifts his pet rat, Jerry, on the Boston subway on Thursday.

Prosecutors said in court on Friday that a 57-year-old man had an empty bottle of vodka and was shouting belligerently while using Jerry to intimidate a crowd. NBC Boston reported.

The police offered Stuart the chance to leave, but a hostile rider allegedly tried to break into the station.

Authorities put Stuart in prison on multiple charges, including disorderly conduct, while Jerry was sent to animal control.

Jerry the rat was sent to animal control after his owner was arrested.
Jerry the mouse was sent to animal control after his owner was arrested.

“He’s very concerned about what they did to Jerry,” Stuart’s attorney said in court. According to CBS.

“It’s his pet.”

MBTA did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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