Massie cosponsors Greene’s motion to vacate speakership

Last month, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) with a motion to vacate the speakership. Now, Mr. Green has support. Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky announced he is a co-sponsor of the eviction motion.

“I just told Mike Johnson at the meeting that I support the motion to resign that was filed by @RepMTG. He should announce his resignation in advance (like Beyner did). We can choose a new speaker without a Republican.”Speaker” Massey tweeted on tuesday. “He said he wouldn’t resign. I told him he’s the only one who can stop us from going through what happened last fall,” Massey said in another article. wrote. post.

Last year, after then-Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was ousted from the chair, Republicans struggled to find a replacement, but ultimately nominated Johnson for the role. McCarthy later chose to leave Congress.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that the House of Commons would vote on measures including aid to Ukraine and aid to Israel.

“Speaker Johnson is not holding the Democrats accountable, nor is he leading the Republican majority. He is actually capitulating to every demand of the Democrats. And he is America’s last agenda item. They are using dirty mud tactics to push forward,” Greene declared in a statement. post At X.

“Speaker Johnson must announce his resignation date and allow Republicans to elect a new Speaker to put America first and pass the Republican agenda. @RepThomasMassie for supporting my motion to resign. Thank you. It’s time for a new Speaker of the House,” Greene said in a separate statement. Tweet.

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