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Massive fighter-jet drone operated by tablet could soon be part of US Air Force

A jet-fighter-sized drone built by Boeing could be ‘fit’ for the U.S. Air Force, it says. Reutersthe USAF is reportedly in talks with defense contractors about the aircraft from mid-2022.

Boeing MQ-28 It is an “artificial intelligence-powered unmanned aerial vehicle” and “designed to work as a smart team with existing military aircraft to complement and extend aerial missions.”

Boeing is selling an Australian-developed drone to the U.S. Air Force as part of a “joint fighter” mission, also known as a “manned-drone team,” in which fighter pilots fly drones alongside jets. I am considering making it

“We are developing the MQ-28 to meet the CCA’s set of requirements to meet its category,” Ted Colbert, Boeing’s chief executive of defense, space and security, said at the Australian Air Show. , hopefully there’s an intersection there.”

The craft is the first Australian-made fighter in over 50 years, but in 2022 USAF representatives said it wouldPrior consultation” about buying a drone from Boeing.

U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall acknowledged the meeting at the time, saying: [his] Australian counterparts generally [Next Generation Air Dominance] Describes a family of systems and how they can participate. “

Kendall also said MQ-28 acts as a “risk mitigation mechanism.”

Giant drones fall into a category recently called “faithful wingman-type” aircraft. This means that the wing pilot can operate it remotely.

Pilot, September 2021 Completed the demonstration In it, they were able to command “airborne assets while autonomously performing actions and missions that increase combatant awareness and effectiveness.”

operated by a pilot avenger drone Via an app on a “tablet-like” device, the demo lasts two hours.

Avenger drones are typically the same size as the new MQ-28, at 44 and 38 feet long respectively.

Boeing’s Colbert said there was “a lot of interest” in the MQ-28 from around the world, and the Royal Australian Air Force is considering putting the drone into service in 2024 or 2025. F-35A, depending on the drive outlet.

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