Max Homa hilariously predicts Jon Rahm attire for LIV Golf announcement

Max Homa is the king of Twitter. He knows how to use that platform to his advantage. Often he drops nuggets, which are often hilarious.

This time he demonstrated his prophecy skills regarding Jon Rahm, and it's amazing that Homa nailed it. With all the rumors surrounding Rahm and his move to LIV Golf, Homa went for it.

Tweeted for about an hour before the reigning Masters champion announced on Fox News.

“Imagine if Rahm announced this on his LIV Golf letterman jacket,” Homa wrote.

Well, Rahm did just that.

Rahm wore a black and white letterman jacket with LIV Golf emblazoned across the chest. It is not yet clear whether Lahm will have his own team or join an all-Spaniard squad. Nevertheless, Jackett clearly indicates that his allegiance has clearly switched from his PGA Tour to his LIV.

The situation got even more interesting when Smash GC captain Brooks Koepka responded to Homa's tweet.

“I'll buy you one, it'll look great over your favorite Smash T-shirt,” Koepka wrote.

Koepka also welcomed Rahm on social media and seemed excited to have another big winner with him.

Homa reacted without hesitation, causing some people to frown.

“I put it under my polo shirt so I could hit more smashes,” he wrote.

Mr. Homa is a social media legend, and this prediction made the terrible news of Mr. Rahm's departure about 1 percent easier to swallow.

Rahm shocked the golf world on Dec. 7, and while more information is coming to light, this may be the first of many dominoes to fall. The future of golf may be in flux, with many unknowns ahead.

Savannah Lee Richardson is a golf staff writer for SB Nation's Playing Through.Be sure to check it out @_PlayingThrough For more golf coverage. You can follow her on Twitter @SportsGirls The same goes for Instagram @savannah_leigh_sports.



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