Mayorkas Denies Knowing Death Rate for Migrants

President Joe Biden’s border chief said he doesn’t know the death rate for many migrants heading to the border, despite having thousands of agents closely tracking the flow of migrants into the United States. .

Border Commissioner Alejandro Mayorkas was asked Friday, “What percentage of people die trying to enter this country?”

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“I don’t know … [it is] Percentages,” replied the Cuban-born pro-immigration zealot.

Mayorkas has repeatedly voiced support for immigrants, saying that starting in 2021, thousands of people will be working to track, count, feed and bus at least 6 million immigrants to American communities and workplaces. It has provided funding to lawmakers and contractors.

Mayorkas, the lawyer, quickly deflected questions about percentages, saying, “I will tell you that I have spoken to families who have crossed the Darien River (area between Colombia and Panama), and their suffering and trauma is extraordinary.” ” he said.

Mayorkas, who was impeached by the House of Representatives, commented: busy At the Economic Club in Washington, DC. He took questions from Economic Club President David Rubenstein.

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Mr. Rubenstein is a co-founder of The Carlyle Group, an investment firm. $400 billion Increased assets that Mayorkas receives by providing additional consumers, renters, and workers.

The establishment media has shown little interest in the number of immigrants lured to their deaths by Mr. Biden’s immigration policies, or the number of Americans killed by Mr. Mayorkas’ welcoming of illegal immigrants.

But Breitbart News is tracking both numbers closely.

Mr. Mayorkas’ agency, for example, acknowledged that at least 1,000 Southern migrants died at the border in 2022. The numbers are approximately as follows. double His 2021 number of migrant deaths at the border was 568.

Particularly on Panama’s Darien Gap Jungle Trail, where thousands of migrants died heading north to welcome Mr. Mayorkas. The death toll was so high that Mayorkas traveled to the area to oversee the development of safer routes for illegal immigrants.

Haitian migrants climb a muddy hillside path in a wild and dangerous jungle in Darien Gap, Colombia, November 20, 2022. (Yang Socheol/Getty Images)

Mr. Mayorkas is trying to reduce the death toll by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to fund semi-legal, semi-clandestine immigration routes overseen by his government agencies rather than criminal cartels or coyotes. “I warn you [migrants] And we encourage them to actually use the legal channels that we have established to avoid putting their lives at risk in the hands of smugglers. ”

Mayorkas acknowledged that many migrants cross the border seeking work and housing rather than political asylum. “The reality is that people are applying for asylum when they are actually fleeing poverty and generalized violence, but that is not an asylum case,” he said.

Migrants continue to die along Mr. Mayorkas’ supposedly safe routes. In February 2023, at least 39 migrants died in a bus accident on a safe route in Mallorcas. Many immigrants have been raped or robbed in response to Mr. Mayorkas’ welcome.

For example, in March, Breitbart News reported that “two migrants have drowned so far this week while trying to cross the Rio Grande into Texas from the border city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila.” Mexican authorities have recorded a total of 50 migrant deaths in the Coahuila-Texas border region so far this year. ” In January, Breitbart News reported the deaths of 33-year-old Viltelma de la Sancha and her two sons, ages 10 and 8.

Mr. Mayorkas’ welcome to immigrants also led to the deaths of more than 1,000 immigrants in U.S. labor sites. For example, at least 792 undocumented immigrants, including children, were killed at U.S. work sites in 2022, according to federal data.

Most Republican politicians and candidates ignore the Democrats’ huge death toll, even though Democrats want to paint the GOP as champions of “caging children” and “separating families.” There is. Mr. Mayorkas pushed the cause of his “family separation” campaign while keeping the huge death toll under his watch.

This was a deliberate act to prevent families from reaching the southern border and was universally condemned. Brutality is not a tool of a values-oriented nation. And we have eliminated that practice… issued policies to prevent it… [and] The President has created a special committee on family reunification, which I chair, and it is actually reuniting separated families.

But some Republican leaders are pushing back.

“Immigrants died on the journey to get here because Joe Biden told them to rush to the border and come to our country,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Said A hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee on March 7th. “What’s the solution? It looks like we’re going to call it a timeout. It seems to me there’s nothing more to say,” said Judiciary Committee Chairman Jordan.

Democrats justified the rising death toll at a hearing in March.

“Our economy needs more workers,” Rep. Deborah Ross (D-North Carolina) said during a House hearing. She said, “Immigrants accept the costs and risks of traveling to the United States because they understand that their labor is needed here and that employment is easily available.”

Mr. Mayorkas has shown no signs of remorse for the damage he has caused to immigrants and Americans. “This country has given everything to my family, so I really wanted to give back,” he told Rubenstein.