McCarthy criticizes Republican ousters as ‘not conservatives’

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy swing “They’re not conservatives,” he said at a news conference, criticizing the Republicans who helped oust him from the speakership on Tuesday.

“They voted against the biggest cuts Congress has ever voted for, for one thing. They voted against labor requirements. They voted against border security. ” McCarthy said. “They’re too angry and confused to call themselves conservative. That’s not the party I belong to.”

“They are not conservatives and they have no right to a title,” McCarthy continued.

Mr. McCarthy was ousted by eight members of his own party, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), along with House Democrats, in a 216-210 vote to remove him earlier in the day. It was done.

He also slammed Republican outcasts who helped the party win elections, saying they should have chosen someone else instead.

“Many of them helped me get elected, so they probably should have chosen someone else,” McCarthy said in response to a question about what he could have done “differently.”

The California Republican appeared defiant to his challenge to the chairmanship, posting a fiery message to Mr. X amid a motion to oust Gates from the chairmanship.

“Just give it a try,” McCarthy said in an interview Monday. post.

He announced on Tuesday after the vote that he would not run for speaker again. But he is proud to serve in this role, he said.

“I have no intention of running for Speaker of the House again,” McCarthy said. “Today I may have lost a vote, but I fought for what I believe in and what I believe in America. It was an honor to serve.”

The historic vote to oust Mr. McCarthy came days after the former leader used stopgap measures to avert a government shutdown, rally Democratic support, and infuriate hardline Republicans. Mr. Gaetz also criticized Mr. McCarthy’s actions, such as negotiating with Democrats on the debt ceiling.

“Washington has to change. We have to lead the House in a better direction. Mr. McCarthy has failed to take a stand at important moments. So if he doesn’t do it, I will. I’ll do it,” Gates said. Said.

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