McCarthy faces potential threat to Speakership over debt limit deal

Rep. Dan Bishop, RN.C. Motion to dismiss “I think this has to be done,” McCarthy told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday about the debt limit deal.

hello first republican Having publicly voiced its support for the move, there have been more discussions surrounding the idea since the deal was announced over the weekend.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) said in an interview with Meet the Press on Tuesday that he raised the possibility during a recent call between members of the House Liberal Party. .

“What I said was that House Speaker McCarthy committed spending limits at 2022 levels. The deal calls for spending limits beyond 2022 levels,” Buck said. .

“And I asked my colleagues in the House Liberal Party if they were considering a motion to resign as a result of broken promises,” he continued.

Rep. Scott Perry (R., Pennsylvania), who is chairing the caucuses, said the idea was “premature,” but Mr. Buck said it was still the case. under consideration among some members.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), one of the most vocal conservative critics of the debt restriction agreement, also said: Signal openness to the idea.

“If I can’t kill it, and tomorrow I can’t kill it on the floor, then we’ll have to rally and rethink the whole leadership system,” Roy said Tuesday in an appearance on a conservative show. rice field. Radio host Glenn Beck’s program.

Emily Brooks of The Hill has more details here.

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