McDonald’s Poised to End Self-Serve Soda Stations to Reduce Theft

McDonald’s announced Monday that it will cease operating self-service soda stations in its dining areas nationwide, citing theft among a list of concerns it is working to end a common practice.

News was first report by state magazine registerThis was reported from multiple franchisees in Illinois. Restaurants in Illinois have already begun this process, as do stores across the West, foretelling the rapid elimination of self-service in lieu of crew pouring drinks.

“McDonald’s plans to eliminate self-serve drink stations in dining rooms across the United States by 2032,” the company confirmed in a statement to Business Insider..

This change applies to MacDelivery, apps, kiosks, drive thru Or inside a restaurant. ”

This move eliminates the need for customers to be handed an empty cup by an employee to add ice and their favorite beverage away from the sales floor.

Soda fountains containing Coca-Cola and Diet Coke like this one found at McDonald’s restaurants in Lafayette, California, may soon be a thing of the past. (Gado/Getty Images)

Customers of fast food restaurants that no longer offer this service will now have to request refills at the counter.

Owner-managers interviewed state magazine register They cited a variety of factors, including food safety, as reasons for eliminating soda machines from cafeterias. anti-theftand the number of dine-in customers has also decreased.

Other new additions are being introduced gradually, with the possibility of full automation in the future.

“The crew dispensing system actually uses an automated beverage system to mechanically fill drink orders, minimizing human contact.” state journal report. “The infusion of crew also eliminates theft and highlights the brand’s new focus on creating a more relaxed dine-in experience where servers deliver food to your table.”

McDonald’s, like other industries, has seen more consumers order food to-go as digital ordering increases in the post-pandemic environment.

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