McDonald’s weird, new drive-thru experiment serves up one crappy meal

BOLINGBROKE, Ill. — CosMc's, the bizarre drive-thru-only concept that McDonald's launched late last week, doesn't subvert the original concept.

The first restaurant of its kind, which quietly opened Thursday inside a strip mall in Bolingbrook, Illinois, about 30 miles from Chicago, features four drive-thru lanes but no indoor dining or outdoor seating.

And no fries, no Big Macs, no burgers at all. Of course, there are some McDonald's classics like the egg, sausage, and bacon McMuffin and the McFlurry. but, menu Otherwise, sweet and sour, neon-colored drinks are available, plus two egg sandwiches and an array of desserts.

Overall, my multi-generational family who have been eating McDonald's for many years did not like it. The sweet stay was a time consuming, taste bud shocking journey and just not worth it.

CosMc's quietly opened Thursday in a strip mall in Bolingbrook, Illinois, about 30 miles from Chicago. Getty Images
McDonald's new restaurant will have four drive-thru lanes, an indoor dining room and no outdoor seating area. Getty Images
Some customers reported waiting hours for their food shortly after the restaurant opened last week. AFP (via Getty Images)

Before you go, it's important to know that CosMc's does not have a walk-up window, so your vehicle is important for ordering. but, CosMc website promise Online ordering is “coming soon!”

I don't have a car, so my 71-year-old mother from Long Island drove me the two-hour round trip from Chicago.

When I arrived at 285 N. Weber Road shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday, I was immediately confused about how to get into the drive-thru line. CosMc's is next to a regular McDonald's and the signage is confusing.

To make matters worse, yellow warning tape had been put up to deal with the crowds — according to people who visited the restaurant shortly after it opened. they waited for hours It made the line at CosMc look like a crime scene.

It seemed only natural that Bolingbrook police would help direct traffic.

I waited in the car for nearly 30 minutes to order, and it took 7 minutes to receive my 8 drinks and 7 foods. Similar to McDonald's, employees hand your order through a drive-thru window.

This boxy restaurant is closed to the public and I saw a few people trying it out, but the glass appears to have a tint, adding a bit of mystery to the experience. .

There are no fries, Big Macs, or hamburgers, but there are two types of egg sandwiches and a variety of desserts. The photo shows the spicy queso sandwich. AFP (via Getty Images)
Savory Hash Brown Bites fall short of McDonald's popularity. tracy swartz
McPops are fried dough filled with cookie butter, apple cinnamon, or hazelnuts. tracy swartz

Diners can also eat in their cars in the strip mall parking lot. Nothing tells us more about the atmosphere than car exhaust fumes. Alternatively, you can bring your meal to a nearby McDonald's.

Either way, it's an awkward move.

I gave my mom different drinks while she was driving, but it didn't work out for me because she didn't like most of them. She found the sweet bursting boba in Chai Her Frappe Her Burst (small size, $5.19) “interesting,” but she said “wow” to others. Ta.

The ginger in Blueberry Ginger Boost (small, $4.69) was too strong, and the Barbie Pink Popping Pear Slush (small, $4.69) made my eyes water and scream, “Who is this for?”

McDonald's, which announced the CosMc's format during its July earnings call, is hoping to capitalize on nostalgia as it takes on beverage giants Starbucks and Dunkin'.

It may take light years to get there.

The menu is full of sweet, sour and colorful drinks. Here is a photo of Sour Cherry Energy Burst. AFP (via Getty Images)
The ginger in Blueberry Ginger Boost is too strong. AFP (via Getty Images)
The Chai Frappe Burst is literally a blast. tracy swartz

Many of the drinks, such as Sour Cherry Energy Burst (small, $5.19), Tropical Spice (small, $4.39), and Sour Tango Lemonade (small, $4.39), are simply too sweet. (CosMc customers can further customize their drinks with boba, flavored syrups, energy or vitamin C shots.)

Some of the menu items are downright memorable, like Pretzel Bites ($3.99), Caramel Fudge Brownies ($3.39), and Blueberry Lemon Cookie Sundae ($4.89).

The Savory Hash Brown Bites ($2.39 for 4 pieces) also fall short of McDonald's popularity.

However, my 22-year-old stepson said he would order the Popping Pear Slush again, topped with whipped cream and pink popping candies. Because it's a “fun drink,” just like McPops, which are fried dough stuffed with cookies. Butter, Apple Cinnamon, and Hazelnut ($3.79 for a mixed bag of 3).

My 52-year-old husband (who says his “death row meal” is a sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin) was tempted by the creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich ($4.99) and turmeric spice latte ($4.39). It was written. Because they are unique gems.

Meanwhile, the queso in the Spicy Queso Sandwich ($4.99) was deemed too spicy for breakfast, and the blueberry ginger boost was dismissed as “liquid pie filling.”

You'll see a menu in one of CosMc's drive-thru lanes. tracy swartz

Chicago-based McDonald's plans to open about 10 CosMc test locations in Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metropolitan areas by the end of next year.

The concept's name is inspired by the orange color of spacesuits. alien characters It appeared in McDonald's commercials and advertisements from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

Perhaps it's time for him to return to Earth.



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