Megan Fox’s People’s Choice Awards 2024 outfit was inspired by ‘Jennifer’s Body’

It’s a little goth, a little glamorous.

Megan Fox revived her most iconic (undead) character at the People’s Choice Awards 2024 on Sunday night, wearing a white strapless look styled with a black ribbon choker and glossy blood red lip. She wore a Vivienne Westwood dress.

“Jennifer’s prom dress x Final Fantasy cosplay (The Cursed Bride Edition),” the brunette with a sexy body captioned an Instagram photo of herself with a sensual look, adding that she is the same girl who appeared in the 2009 movie. “Jennifer’s Body”’s iconic lace bell ribbon white dress.

The 2009 horror comedy, written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama, has become a cult classic over the years. 20th Century Fox License/Goods
Fox showed off her look on Instagram with the caption, “Jennifer’s prom dress x Final Fantasy cosplay (Cursed Bride Edition).” Robert Hanashiro / USA TODAY NETWORK
She styled the gown with a black ribbon choker, just like her character. 20th Century Fox License/Goods

“You’re killing people”… “No, I’m killing boys,” one fan commented, quoting the cult classic Foxx.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Fiance – Plays a possessed high school cheerleader in feminist horror comedy – told WWD Last year, she talked about how she perceives the villain Jennifer Check on different levels.

“Before she was turned into a demon and became this goth icon, [Jennifer] She was this poppy, typical cheerleader, Forever 21 girl. She was a typical girl, but she had an evil sorcerer side to her. And I am and always have been both,” Foxx told the media at the time.

“You’re killing a man”… “No, I’m killing a boy,” one fan commented on Fox’s pose, quoting the movie. 20th Century Fox License/Goods
Foxx talked about how she identifies with her character on “Jennifer’s Body.” Robert Hanashiro – USA TODAY
The actress presented the award alongside Joe Manganiello at the People’s Choice Awards. NBC (via Getty Images)

She’s certainly not afraid to clap back at her critics. Just recently, the “Transformers” star responded to her trolls who compared her to her “blow-up doll” with this: joke She actually resembles “one of those super expensive silicone real sex dolls that are only available in Japan.”

It’s been a busy few weeks for Fox. She made a cameo appearance at the People’s Choice Awards, and before presenting the award for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of the Year to “Loki” with Joe Manganiello, she strapped herself all in for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, where MGK and had a party. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Fox recently debuted a colorful new tattoo sleeve, saying he was going to “reinvent” some of his ink.



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