Meghan Markle Admits Thinking Paris Hilton Was A ‘Bimbo’

Meghan Markle hosted Paris Hilton on the sixth episode of her podcast “Archeotypes with Meghan,” and admitted that she had assumed Hilton was a ‘bimbo.’

Markle went on to educate her podcast listeners that the word bimbo was not only degrading, but also “incredibly limiting.” Despite this, she admitted she once subscribed to the notion of Hilton as a bimbo, based on her media image.”While I’m embarrassed to admit it, I had a judgment about Paris. And I don’t like having judgment — doesn’t feel good,” Markle said.  “But I had to be real about that because when I grew up, she was beautiful, rich and famous. What could possibly be wrong with her life?” Markle said.

Markle introduced Hilton by defining her public image. “I’m talking to a woman who built an entire brand out of being the dumb blonde and who now is defining herself on her own terms,” Markle said.

Markle started the podcast by admitting she wasn’t totally at ease with the interview. “I’ve been the most nervous about this one,” Markle said.  “Becuase I remember growing up in LA around the same age and you were just so famous and so beautiful,” she continued.

She then told her “This is a safe place. I want you to be yourself.”

Markle explained how Hilton was presented to the world. She told her listeners that “being rich famous, beautiful and privileged — that was how they crafted her entire identity.” She went on to say that “she continued to grow that brand over the years,” referencing Hilton’s first reality TV show, “The Simple Life,” in which she was painted as an unintelligent blonde.

“A lot of people got to know Paris as the dumb blonde,” Markle said. But she wanted before to “challenge [her] own preconceptions to get to know the real person behind the persona.”

She then asked Hilton how it felt to know the world saw her in this light.(RELATED: REPORT: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Aren’t Receiving A Warm Welcome In Potential New Neighborhood)

“I guess my question is was there ever a moment where when all this coverage is happening and they’re reinforcing this idea and this label of you as this dumb blonde or this bimbo was there ever a time that you heard it so much that you just had to buy into it and say ‘well I guess that’s what I am,’ or did you ever get a chance to decide?” Markle asked.

” I try to not pay attention to any of that but it’s obviously going to affect you even if you say it doesnt,” Hilton responded.

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