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Mel K is a versatile conservative voice—an accomplished screenwriter, investigative journalist, and podcaster. With a dual background in journalism and film from NYU, she gained industry recognition by seamlessly merging both disciplines.

In her two-decade stint in Hollywood, Mel K honed her craft, delving into intensive research to unveil hidden histories for eye-opening fictionalized historical dramas in film and television. Shifting focus to global corruption networks, she uncovered a covert pyramid involving NGOs, non-profits, government agencies, and banking institutions, particularly in the “homeless industrial complex.”

Returning to Manhattan before the global lockdown, Mel K directed her attention to Thrive NYC and the mysterious disappearance of $800 million earmarked for the homeless and mentally ill. Frustrated by the pandemic response and drawing connections between her work on the Jeffrey Epstein case and Agenda 21/2030, Mel K launched The Mel K Show in March 2020.

Despite platform purges, Mel K has amassed over 500k subscribers across multiple platforms, hosting compelling live shows seven nights a week. Her show serves as a non-partisan refuge for critical thinkers and geopolitical analysts, driven by the belief in preserving American sovereignty and global liberty, justice, and truth. Balancing her time between Manhattan and West Palm Beach, Florida, Mel K remains dedicated to empowering people, restoring the nation, and being a beacon of truth and hope.

Always armed with the brilliant gift of the United States Constitution, a copy of the Bill of Rights and a Bible, Mel K fears no evil as she is confident God Wins. She currently resides in Manhattan where she’s chronicling the controlled demolition of the once greatest city in the world, the dystopia formerly known as New York City for her upcoming book on the matter.

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About The Mel K Show

Former Hollywood insider, lover of truth, justice, and freedom, Mel K is determined to educate the public on what’s really going on. Known for her common-sense approach and revealing facts rooted in research, this New York City resident frequently taps into her resources around the globe in her unending quest to cut through the propaganda and uncover the truth. 

Her network keeps her on the move and digging in the right direction for breaking geopolitical and national news often before a story is even on the radar of the so called main stream media.

It’s no coincidence that Mel’s father is a true patriot. A successful, retired business leader, and military man who devoted 30 years to the Coast Guard and our country, while her mother was an award winning elementary school teacher and advocate for mental health reform at the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

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