Men aren’t having sex because of sports betting: Meredith Whitney

Apparently sports betting is the reason men don’t buy houses or have sex.

“I’m always looking at consumer data,” said Meredith Whitney, known as the “Oracle of Wall Street.” predict financial crisis 2008 – Speaks on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

“Retail spending has been down for the year, restaurant spending, travel, hospitality, leisure…the fastest growing leisure spending is fantasy sports and online sports betting.

“The negative impact is that the participants were all young men. I paralleled what Pew Research said: 63% of young people are single. And this is the highest amount ever. And his 50 percent of those young men have no interest in dating at all. And 30 percent of young men say they haven’t had sex in over a year, and they don’t seem to care. ”

The basis of her argument is that young men are happier betting on parlays and prop bets on their cell phones than going out and meeting young women.

“Young men who grew up with the game are used to doing everything on their phones, and now they can make all kinds of bets on their phones,” Whitney said. “They can do real-time parlays on their smartphones.”

“There are young men who don’t want to date, and there are young women who spend their time on Instagram watching Taylor Swift concerts.”

Whitney also added that 74 percent of the housing inventory is owned by people over the age of 50, speculating that eventually those homeowners will want to sell and there will be no buyers. .

So it’s all because of sports betting.

According to Squawk on the Street, sports betting is a major leisure spending activity.

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Vices such as gambling, alcohol and drug use have affected and will continue to affect many parts of society.

However, sports betting on illegal markets has since become all the rage. Arnold Rothstein was indicted to solve the 1919 World Series.

For reference, countries around the world have experienced Declining birthrate Kim Jong-un even tearfully implored North Korean women to have more children, citing declining birthrates.



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