Mets’ Jeff McNeil Gets Blasted In The Groin After Outright Embarrassing Whiffed Swing

This is very iconic of the New York Mets, and it’s a straight comedy.

The Metropolitans entered the 2023 season with incredibly high World Series expectations due to owner Steve Cohen’s huge offseason spending spree. But like most of their opponents in the campaign, they took an L on that one.

And the perfect illustration of this happened Friday night when the Mets played. I was in Philadelphia to play against the Phillies..

new york position player Jeff McNeil stood in the batter’s box for his at-bat. bottom of the tenth inning Matchup with Phillies pitcher Seranthony Dominguez. Dominguez threw an inside throw on the first pitch, but in typical Met fashion, McNeil shook it off.

And he not only swung at a terrible pitch, whiffed embarrassingly, and whiffed embarrassingly, but ended up hitting hilariously…just a great moment.


A perfect representation of what 2023 has been for the New York Mets.

And I can’t lie, I love all the miserable Mets fan tears and it’s even better because of my team and our rivals in New York (Atlanta Braves). 1 win left to 100 wins This season.

Hey, you. I know it must hurt the souls of Mets fans, especially considering Mets fans are the same fan base that has to deal with the depression of being a New York Jets fan. What about the Aaron Rodgers experiment? (Related: Oakland Athletics give Miguel Cabrera cheap wine and laugh out loud)

God, I love this…it doesn’t happen to a more despicable fanbase.

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