Mets pulled Joey Lucchesi early with eyes to Sunday vs. Rockies

DETROIT — Buck Showalter already had his eyes on the weekend when the Mets manager pulled the starting pitcher out of Game 1 of Wednesday’s doubleheader against the Tigers.

Joey Lucchesi threw just 46 pitches in four innings, but Showalter, who found himself without a starter in the series finale against the Rockies at Citi Field on Sunday, said he had to pitch in the game. Decided to remove my left handedness just in case. Taking a break.

Lucchesi was unaware of the possibility until Showalter confided it to him during the Mets’ 6-5 loss to the Tigers in Game 1.

The Mets were short on rotation as they were playing their second doubleheader in three days.

The Mets will start back-to-back with Justin Verlander, Senga Kodai and Tyler Megil starting Thursday.

“I didn’t know about it going into the game, [Showalter] He told me after the final inning.

The left-handed pitcher allowed four earned runs on five hits, including two homers, over four innings. Lucchesi has a 3.86 ERA in his three starts.

Joey Lucchesi was ruled out of the game early on in hopes of being able to pitch on Sunday for the Mets.
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Showalter said David Peterson was considering pitching Game 1 as the 27th man in the doubleheader. However, according to Showalter, Peterson had a busy day on Tuesday, so they took him out of consideration.

Peterson will not be recalled during the 15-day period unless he was given an option to Triple-A Syracuse on Saturday to replace a player placed on the injured reserve. However, he would have been exempt from that rule as his 27th man in the doubleheader. Jose Butto was added in its place instead.

Carlos Carrasco is scheduled to pitch in a minor league rehab game on Friday or Saturday, according to the Mets, at an undecided location.

The right-hander, who is rehabilitating from a swollen elbow caused by a bone fragment, received an injection of cortisone during the Mets’ final trip.

Showalter previously hinted Carrasco could return to the Mets’ rotation later next week.

Bartolo Colon will throw the first pitch at Citi Field on Sunday to mark the seventh anniversary of the home run at Petco Park. The popular former Mets pitcher is back for last year’s Oldtimer Day.

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