Mexican Socialist President AMLO Laments Libertarian Populist Win in Argentina

Mexico’s far-left President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) claimed on Tuesday that the election of liberal economist Javier Millay as Argentina’s president was an “own goal” for the South American nation.

“In one word, with all due respect: own goal.I respect the people’s decision, but I do not agree with the right-wing government,” López Obrador said. Said During a press conference on Tuesday. “I do not agree with classist and racist governments. I do not agree with the hypocrisy that characterizes the global right wing.”

Mr. López Obrador did not say whether he personally believed Mr. Milay was a racist, nor did he provide any evidence that he would use the epithet against the president-elect. He also did not say whether he meant to call Mr Millais a racist or the “right-wing government” in general.

Mr. Millais, who will take office on December 10th, elected On Sunday, he defeated outgoing leftist government candidate and current economy minister Sergio Massa.Milley won the election by almost 12 percentage points, well above her slim lead in most polls. I had given it to him before voting. The outgoing Kirchnerist government has ruled Argentina for 16 of the past 20 years, having previously only ceded the presidency to Mauricio Macri between 2015 and 2019.

The election came at a critical time for Argentina. The South American country continues to suffer from a severe economic collapse, characterized by inflation rates exceeding 140 percent, rising poverty and substantial foreign exchange reserves.

Millais was successful as president motion The policy focuses on rebuilding Argentina’s battered economy, significantly streamlining the government, cutting public spending, and replacing the collapsing Argentine peso with the US dollar as a means to stem inflation. Measures have also been successfully implemented in other countries in the region. His campaign also included socially conservative themes, such as strong stances on abortion and gender ideology in schools.

Attention: Libertarians? Populists?The beliefs of Argentina’s new chainsaw-wielding president, Javier Millay

Francis Martel / Breitbart News

López Obrador insisted there is “no risk” of a far-right government in Mexico after his administration ends.

“There is no such risk here. There is nothing to fear. The Mexican people know better. They are one of the most politicized people in the world,” he said.

Mexico’s far-left president also said at a press conference that while he respects Argentina’s electoral choices, he believes a right-wing government will not help the South American nation. They support only the minority, are defenders of conservatism and employees of the oligarchy. ”

López Obrador continued: compare Dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, Francisco Franco and the next Argentine president, Augusto Pinochet, claimed, without providing evidence, that Millay had the same “mindset”.

“he [Milei] “He has that idea,” López Obrador said. “He has expressed that and we respect the people and the decisions they have made, but we are standing apart from that policy.”

López Obrador’s baseless accusations against Millay echoed claims made by Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro on Monday.prince maduro accused With the enthusiastic Millay vocal He studies Judaism, learns to be a “neo-Nazi,” and claims he wants to “continue” the military dictatorship of Videla, Pinochet, and Uruguay.

Ahead of Sunday’s election, López Obrador accused Millais has accused Pope Francis of being a “fascist conservative” due to criticisms and comments he has made in the past.Millay and Pope Francis had a ‘pleasant’ phone call conversation Pope Francis reportedly told Millay that he needed “courage and wisdom” to face this new phase in Argentina.
Look — the legend: This is Argentina’s new chainsaw-wielding dissident president

Javier Millay, from Storyful

President López Obrador said that although “we are already openly and notoriously disagreeing with those who support authoritarian, privatizing, racist and classist policies,” Mexico has a strong relationship with Argentina. It has been announced that there are no plans to discontinue it.

“We do not intend to sever our ties with Argentina. A country, a nation, is not only its government. And the Argentine people and the Mexican people, in very difficult times, the very right wing used weapons to militarize Argentina. “We forged bonds of friendship and solidarity even at a time when we were imposing ourselves. So many Argentines were sheltered in Mexico,” he said.

Christian K. Caruso is a Venezuelan writer who chronicles life under socialism. You can follow him on Twitter here.



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