Miami Beach declares state of emergency, imposes curfew after fatal shootings, ‘stampedes’ during spring break

of city ​​of miami beach It declared a state of emergency Sunday morning after two people were killed in two gunshots and several injured in a “stampede” during spring break.

The city has imposed a curfew starting at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night. The curfew will primarily affect South Beach, a popular party spot for spring break festival goers. Violators are subject to arrest.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said in a video message, “Our city doesn’t want spring break. Our city doesn’t want spring break. Too rowdy, too chaotic, hard to police.” It’s too much,” he said.Sunday as reported by WFMZMore.

The presence of crowds and large numbers of firearms “created a hazard that could not be unchecked,” Gelber said.

Mayor Alina T. Hudak signed the proclamation on Sunday. press release Also published on Sundays.

Two people were killed and two injured in two shootings over the weekend of March 17. The incident also caused a “stampede in which several people were injured, including two volunteer goodwill ambassadors.” declaration state.

“In response to two shootings and excessively large and unruly crowds and to mitigate dangerous and illegal activity, the City of Miami Beach has declared a state of emergency and a 11:59 p.m. curfew. Announced on Sunday, March 19. From 2023 until Monday, March 20, 2023 at 6:00 a.m., according to the press release.

According to the press release, the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages for outdoor consumption in curfew areas after 6 p.m. Sunday is prohibited.

Commercial establishments, with the exception of hotels, must vacate the last guest by 11:59. Businesses other than hotels may only offer deliveries during the stay-at-home order, according to a city press release.

The curfew does not apply to essential services, urban residents who need access to and from their homes, hotel guests and employees.

“If these emergency measures are violated, the violator will be arrested and
Criminal prosecution under Sections 26-36 and 1-14 of the City Code or the State of Florida.
statistics. 252.47 and 252.50 according to the press release.

Another state of emergency declaration will be implemented from March 23 (Thursday) to March 27 (Monday) according to the state of emergency declaration on page 5. The city plans to hold a task force on Monday to discuss future restrictions.

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