Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler Defends Morgan Wallen Using N-Word And Gloriously Says He Wants To Perform With Him

this needs Occur.

Back in 2021, a video was released showing country music star Morgan Wallen. using the n-wordhe ends up going there apologize to. But luckily he wasn’t a victim of the whole cancel culture nonsense.

A major scandal surrounded Warren, who was just beginning his career at the time. But despite the heat directed at Warren, there is one “heat” on his side. It’s his good buddy. jimmy butlerthe Miami Heat superstar labeled the situation “nothing but chicken wings.”

Well, Jimmy didn’t exactly say that, but that’s his take.

“There was no controversy for me,” Butler said. rolling stone In an interview.

“I didn’t really look into that, and I didn’t really.” We’re going to take a closer look,” Butler said, adding that Warren is “an incredible human being.”

“I don’t think he’s a bad person in any way. My friend, I don’t know what happened,” Butler said. “Obviously, that was a mistake. I think he learned from it and I think he knows better. And I don’t know what was said in what context, but he made a mistake. I think it’s human.”

Butler tried to play with Wallen in Toronto last month and is still interested in playing with him.

“I just want to sing a verse of “98 Heroes.” Maybe I’ll sing the whole verse!” Butler said.

That’s great too, because JB ultimately wants to be done with him. Own He said a country music album is “definitely” coming, but it will obviously have to be adjusted around the NBA schedule.

“That’s the goal, but I don’t know when it’s going to be. The day I want to do it always gets postponed because my other job of playing basketball overshadows everything,” Butler said. “And maybe some of the songs will end up on my second or third album. I can’t wait to share them with people.”

How can you not love this man? (Related: Master Troll: Jimmy Butler sports a truly hilarious ’emo’ look at Miami Heat Media Day)

And to have him on my team…I’m so proud. (*Happy tears emoji*)

P.S. I’m totally copying that country album.

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