Miami Mayor Hints at GOP Presidential Bid Launch

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez hinted over the weekend that he might officially launch a campaign for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

He said he will make the announcement Thursday, during a speech in California, the Miami Herald reported.

Suarez appeared on several television interviews to tease a “major announcement” this week, telling Fox News Sunday: “I’m going to be making a big speech in the Reagan Library [this Thursday], and I think it’s one that Americans should tune into. It’s one where we talk about what the future of our country should be.”

Suarez added: “I have traveled across the country. I’ve been to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada. I can tell you when I take the message to people, they want to hear more.”

Suarez is appearing at the presidential library as part of its “Time for Choosing” series, in which leading conservative figures “address critical questions facing the future of the Republican Party,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The Miami Herald reported recently that Suarez was preparing to formally launch a campaign, with the mayor raising money via a federal super PAC and five of his city hall staffers taking a leave of absence for the summer. 

Suarez told Fox that if he decides to run for president, “hopefully I’ll make the debate stage on Aug. 23 and be able to continue to be part of this conversation to bring in young voters, suburban women, to bring in people from cities into the Republican Party, so that we have not just a chance to win in 2024 but a chance to win for generations into the future.”

Suarez has taken shots at former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. DeSantis, the top two candidates for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Suarez in recent months has particularly criticized DeSantis on several issues, according to the Washington Examiner, including parts of DeSantis’ immigration reform package, the six-week abortion ban, and bills that targeted Disney.

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