Michael Oher texts show alleged Tuohy family shakedown

Legal documents stand by the Tuohy family’s claim that they were blindsided in an attempt to collect $15 million from Michael Oher in connection with royalties from the movie “The Blind Side.”

The family alleges that Oher threatened to “defame them on social media and TMZ as ‘fake’ and ‘thief’ if they did not pay,” the documents state. According to TMZ.

The new documents were filed as part of an ongoing legal battle between the Toohey family and Mr. Oher over claims they did not give them their fair share of royalties from the 2009 hit film.

Before deleting his phone number, Oher sent numerous text messages claiming that “over 50 million yen was stolen,” according to the documents.

“If things aren’t resolved this Friday, I’m going to tell the world how I was robbed of what was supposed to be mine.” [sic] parents. That’s the deadline,” Oher wrote in a text, according to legal documents.

He further added, “Think about what it’s going to look like when it’s released.”

Sean and Lee Anne Toohey stand on the street in New Orleans on February 1, 2013. An attorney for the Toohey family, a Memphis couple who adopted former NFL player Michael Oher when he was in high school. AP

Oher claimed the Tuohys “robbed” him out of more than $50 million, and later lowered his offer to $10 million, TMZ reported in the documents.

It also reported that the Tuohys refused to pay Mr. Oher’s demands, and that Mr. Oher increased his demand to $15 million.

“Right now, I want 15 after taxes,” Oher, who is listed in the documents, said in a text.

Previous court filings filed by Tuys’ legal team claimed that Oher received payments from Tooys totaling $138,311 related to film royalties.

The evidence included payments sent in April, according to the November filing.

Oher and the Tuohy family were the subject of a blockbuster film starring Sandra Bullock, which depicted Oher’s story and his relationship with the Toohey family.

The new court filing is not the first time that the Toohey family’s legal representative has painted Mr. Oher as someone who tried to extort money from the family.

“After Mr. Oher’s bombshell lawsuit was announced in August, attorney Marty Singer spoke to TMZ about Mr. Oher’s alleged attempt to defraud his family of $15 million.”

“Even recently, when Mr. Oher began threatening them with what he would do if they did not pay him an eight-figure windfall, and refused to cash small profits checks from the Tuohy family as part of his scrutiny efforts, They still had deposits with him. Mr. Oher’s equal share will be placed in a trust account established for his son,” Singer said.

Michael Oher at a book signing in 2023. shutter stock
“The Blind Side” stars Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher and Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy. ralph nelson

In a court filing in August, Oher said she mistakenly thought the Tooheys were adopting her, when in fact she entered into a conservatorship with the Tooheys in 2004 when she was 18 years old. He claimed that he was made to do so.

A judge ended the conservatorship in September, but legal battles over money made in connection with the film and Oher’s story continue in court.



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