Michigan teen Christian Katan Mansoor arrested after trying to pull over off-duty officer

A man pretending to be a Michigan teenage police officer was arrested Monday after he tried to pull off an off-duty officer, leading arrest agents in two separate chases.

18-year-old Christian Katan Mansour allegedly flashed red and blue lights in his silver BMW to impersonate a Detroit cop. Oakland County Sheriff said Wednesday.

The boy was accused of setting off a false siren while positioned behind another vehicle to make a traffic stop around 11 p.m. in Rochester Hills, a city about 25 miles north of Detroit. I’m here.

An off-duty policeman from a neighboring town, Mansoor’s victim, instead drove off and called him out for a possible police impersonation.

An unnamed officer tracked down Mansoor and confronted him when he got out of the car.

When she introduced herself as a cop, he is said to have said he was a Detroit cop in the 12th precinct.

When asked to identify himself, Mansoor promised to retrieve it from his car, but instead jumped in his BMW and hurried away.

The police tried to go after Mansoor, but lost sight of him as he flew through the trailer park.

A sheriff’s deputy spotted the teenager while exchanging license plates on a fake cruiser with another BMW he owned.

Mansoor again tried to evade arrest but was arrested “after a short chase”.

“Individuals posing as police officers threaten the public and undermine legitimate law enforcement,” Sheriff Bouchard said of the teenager.

Mansoor was indicted Wednesday on misdemeanor charges of impersonating a government employee. He was released on his $5,000 personal bond.

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