Middle school female athletes reportedly refuse to compete against biological male at track meet, protest in shot put ring

On Thursday, a small number of middle school female athletes reportedly refused to compete against biological males at the West Virginia state track and field championships, and cellphone video showed them protesting in the shot put ring. It was shown that there was.

What are the details?

The event was the 2024 Harrison County Junior High School Championships held at Liberty High School. Outkick reported.

Seven schools participated, according to the newspaper: Bridgeport, Heritage Christian, Notre Dame, South Harrison, Lincoln, Mountaineer (Clarksburg) and Washington Irving.

According to Outkick, several female shot put participants from Lincoln were captured on cellphone video protesting the inclusion of transgender athletes in the competition.

Specifically, the female students at Lincoln University were seen stepping into the shot put ring one by one, then quickly exiting the ring without attempting.

The video posted by Gaines appears to show six separate protests by Lincoln in the shot put ring, but The indicates Five female students from Lincoln University reportedly recorded an ND (no distance) in the final. Gaines also wrote that five girls refused to participate.

While Outkick does not name the transgender athletes who have been the subject of the reported protests, Gaines did in her post, including Becky Pepper Jackson, a player who has been in the news a lot lately. called for attention to.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled 2-1 that West Virginia’s law requiring all student-athletes to participate according to their biological sex is subject to Pepper Jackson’s Title IX, Blaze News reports. The court ruled that it infringed on the rights of

Pepper Jackson, who is biologically male, has lived as a woman and taken puberty blockers for years.

How did Pepper and Jackson fare in the match?

Pepper Jackson of Bridgeport, according to AthleticNet. won the shot put final With a toss of 32 feet, 9 inches, he easily beat the second-place finisher by more than three feet.

AtheticNet added Pepper Jackson placed second Eva McGill of Lincoln University won the discus final. According to statistics, McGill was not among the Lincoln University women’s athletes with an “ND” grade in the shot put final. In addition, AthleticNet shows that of the female Lincoln University students who had an “ND” result in the shot put final, she was the only one to do the same in the discus final. Placed 7th in the discus final.

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