Migration Could Be ‘Dissolving Force’ that Destroys EU, Top Diplomat Admits

Mass immigration could become a “dissolving force” to destroy the European Union, says European Union chief, as thousands of illegal migrants land on Italian shores and infighting among member states over migration continues The diplomat admitted.

talk to the left guardian Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, warned in a British newspaper that cultural differences over how to deal with Europe’s ongoing migration crisis could ultimately lead to a complete split in the EU. did.

Spaniards are ignoring the impact of Brexit, when British citizens decided to leave the EU mainly due to debate over immigration. Said: “Migration is a bigger divide for the European Union. And it could be the force that breaks it up.”

Spain’s former foreign minister has argued that the EU’s failure to come up with a widely accepted common policy on immigration is due to cultural differences, saying countries like her leftist homeland have a history of encouraging immigration. However, he said other countries have a history of encouraging immigration. I have a “Japanese” way of thinking.

“Some members of the European Union have Japanese ideas. We don’t want to mix. We don’t want immigrants. We don’t want to accept people from outside. We want purity,” Borrell said.

“The paradox is that Europe needs immigrants because its population growth rate is so low. If we want to survive from a workforce perspective, we need immigrants,” says the globalist. the politician added.

Neoliberals in Western Europe and the United States argue that the only way to combat population decline is to import millions of people from the so-called “Global South,” but countries such as Poland and Hungary Conservative countries claim to support the introduction of pro-nationalism. Family policies, such as generous tax breaks for mothers, to encourage indigenous population growth.

In 2021, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared, “A nation will only survive if its people share roughly the same values. If not, the country will collapse.” He warned that he was advocating mass migration to solve the problem. They are trying to establish a new “proletariat” of foreign workers in Western countries.

Borrell’s comments come as Brussels seeks to force countries such as Hungary and Poland to accept illegal immigrants from other member states in order to distribute the burden more equitably. The EU has approved measures to punish violating countries with fines. 20,000 euros This is because each illegal alien refuses to be brought into their home country. In response, Warsaw’s conservative Law and Justice (PiS) government announced that Polish citizens would have the right to have their voices heard in a referendum on the issue.

The conflict is growing as Italy faces a huge wave of illegal immigrants pouring across the Mediterranean from Africa, overwhelming landing sites such as Lampedusa. 15,000 immigrants arrive in just a few days on an island that normally has a population of about 6,000 people.

Populist-leaning Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was elected on a “stop the ships” platform and even called for a naval blockade to prevent ships run by smugglers from crossing the seas. is overseeing the largest number of ship migrations in recent years. And so far, he has refused to take any tough measures, choosing instead to broker deals to send money to Tunisia and Libya to crack down on smugglers. On Friday, the EU published its first report. Financial support of 127 million euros To Tunisia.

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