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Mike ‘The Situation’ ate lunch with Michael Cohen in prison

‘Jersey Shore’ star Mike ‘The Situation’ Mike Sorrentino reveals he has become friendly with notorious lawyer Michael Cohen, who is currently in a federal correctional facility, despite having ‘different values’ Ta.

Sorrentino, who is serving time in prison for tax evasion, said he ate lunch next to Cohen every day while in prison. Sorrentino said he was incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Facility in Otisville, which he described as a “regular prison” for “high-profile inmates,” adding that it was a “very nice prison.” Ta.

‘Jackass’ star speaks on Steve O’s podcastSteve-O’s Wild Ride!“The host brought up a story about a famous inmate at Sorrentino.

“So you’re in Otisville prison…along with Donald Trump’s former fixer, attorney Michael Cohen.”

“Yes, I was!” Sorrentino replied. “He sat next to me at lunch every day.”

“Is he really a likeable guy?” asked Steve-O.

“He was very kind to me, and he was also very kind to me. It’s not necessarily the case… everyone has different values, but he was very kind to me. I think he’s a very attractive character. “I think so,” the MTV star replied.

Mr. Sorrentino said he had seen headlines featuring Mr. Cohen since his release from prison, but chose to ignore most of the news articles.

“I look at what’s going on in the news and I’m like, OK, let’s keep scrolling,” he said.

“The other prisoners made cheese sandwiches and put them on his bed.”

Sorrentino added that he was lucky to serve his time in a “high-profile prison” that was mostly populated by “white-collar” criminals. But like most prisons, the reality TV star said racial divisions still exist.

“The people who ran the prison were Russians and Jews, so I was learning a little bit of Russian and Spanish… It was an interesting experience, and I used it as a tool to be a better person. Look, there’s accountability. I’ve paid reparations, I’ve gotten sober, I’ve lost weight,” he continued.

“Honestly, that’s how they work. As soon as you go into prison, whether you’re Italian or white, that group comes up to you and they’re not going to claim you, but it’s just like that.” go with their own people. ”

Sorrentino explained that even before he entered the facility, he began receiving messages from prisoners’ wives who wanted to help their wives while they served their sentences.

“My wife’s [direct messages] “It was packed,” he recalled, “and the prisoners’ wives cheered and said, ‘We welcome you.'”

“They really took care of me. I was well fed.” [and] No extra perks…they definitely took care of me. ”

Steve-O also pointed out that Sorrentino served the same amount of time in prison as Billy McFarland, who was on the run for several years on fraud charges after the Fyre Festival debacle.

The 2017 music festival was supposed to be a luxury retreat with big-name acts and five-star accommodations, but instead it was all about mattresses in tents and lunch in the cafeteria.

“You were in prison with the guys from Fyre Festival,” Steve-O said.

“Yeah, he was definitely a loner, Billy McFarland. I think I played basketball with him a few times,” the Staten Island, N.Y., native recalled.

“He definitely kept to himself. I think when he first came to prison, as a joke, the other inmates made him cheese sandwiches and put them on his bed because that’s what he did to all the Fyre Festival goers,” he laughed.

The 42-year-old spoke on his podcast about his past drug problems and failure to pay taxes, and detailed the story in his book.face reality

“The Situation” still stars on MTV’s “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” one of cable’s last remaining hit shows.

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