Missing mom Madeline Kingsbury’s sister describes relief after Adam Fravel arrest

The sister of Madeline Kingsbury, a missing mother in Minnesota, says the arrest of her ex-husband, the father of two children, was a “beacon of hope” for the grief-stricken family.

and tick tock In a post Wednesday night, Megan Kingsbury said after police found her in a bush near a highway 45 miles south of where Madeleine Kingsbury was last seen alive. was relieved by the arrest of Adam Flavel, who is being charged with murder.

“Finally he was arrested,” Megan Kingsbury said in the video, saying she was still awaiting details from authorities.

Flavel’s arrest comes weeks after she claimed she had nothing to do with the sudden disappearance of her young mother.

“The whirlwind has just started again. This is definitely a beacon of hope,” added Megan Kingsbury. “We are happy that he has been taken into custody and that he is no longer roaming free.”

The body was found Wednesday using information gleaned during a police investigation. According to the Winona Police Department. The Southern Minnesota Department of Medical Examiners is working to confirm the identity.

Megan Kingsbury expressed her relief over Adam Flavel’s arrest in a TikTok post Wednesday night.
TikTok / @megsmpls

Madeline Kingsbury and one of her children
Madeleine Kingsbury, 26, has been missing since March 31.
Facebook / Madeleine Kingsbury

Kingsbury, 26, disappeared on March 31 after dropping off her two children, ages 5 and 2, at a nursery school in Winona with Flavel.

Police described her sudden disappearance as “unintentional and suspicious.”

Flavel, 29, told police he left home at 10 a.m. and returned without Kingsbury, but with a mobile phone, wallet and jacket. Authorities said he was the last person to see her alive.

Photo by Adam Flavel
Police arrested Adam Flavel, 29, the father of Kingsbury’s children, and charged him with second-degree murder.
Winona County Jail / Supply

“I hope the mothers of my children, ages 5 and 2, can be found and brought home safely,” Flavel said in a statement. “I want that more than anything else.”

More than 2,000 volunteers participated in the Kingsbury search. Authorities also said they had issued “numerous search warrants” as part of the effort.

Kingsbury’s family is in the middle of a bitter custody battle over the children with Flavel, who filed a custody petition after his mother’s disappearance.

Megan Kingsbury photo
Flavel and Kingsbury’s families are in a bitter custody battle over the missing mother’s children.
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Madeline is seen with a child
When Kingsbury disappeared, she and Fröbel were no longer related.

The two children live with Kingsbury’s parents but are technically under the custody of Winona County.

When Kingsbury disappeared, she and Fröbel were no longer related. However, even after they broke up, they still lived together because Kingsbury was looking for a new place to live without him.

The Winona Police Department said it will hold a press conference Thursday afternoon at the Winona City Council Chambers.

The city of about 25,000 people is located about 190 miles southeast of Minneapolis.

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