Missing Tennessee woman seen in bloody New Mexico police bodycam during cross-country road trip

First appearance of Fox: As police in multiple states search for a woman who has been missing for weeks, lawmakers in New Mexico are sharing bloody images, body camera footage of a domestic violence call involving a couple driving in Nashville. , published 911 voice.

Nicky Alcaraz and boyfriend Steven Tyler Stratton were pulled over in Torrance County, New Mexico, on May 4 during a cross-country trip from Tennessee to California.

She is now believed to be missing, but police said she was seen alive at a Walmart store in Northern California over the weekend. But body camera video depicts the complicated days leading up to her disappearance.

“There was an argument between me and my girlfriend,” Mr. Stratton could be heard asking what happened to the paramedics who arrived for treatment. He then told her he had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Tennessee woman missing while traveling to California with girlfriend after alleged fight in New Mexico

Torrance authorities have released these images taken after the May 4 altercation involving missing Nicky Alcaraz and boyfriend Steven Tyler Stratton. The 911 caller told the dispatcher that he saw Stratton punch Alcaraz in the face while he was sitting on the side of the road. (Torrance County Attorney’s Office)

Witnesses told Torrance County deputies that they saw Stratton punch Alcaraz in the face on May 4 on the side of Interstate 40, according to the incident report. Authorities have already rushed to the scene after receiving a call from the screaming woman. A person who suddenly stopped responding.

A reporting witness, a truck driver, told the responding agent that he saw what he saw and pulled over ready to fight Stratton.

WATCH: Missing Tennessee woman seen in bloody bodycam footage of New Mexico police stop

“So I was too, I was driving a car and I saw her sitting on the ground and a guy kicked back his cock and slapped or punched her and I had a family , sisters, etc. I never do, you know?” he tells the cop. “So I pulled over. I was really ready to fight him, but he was cool.”

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Instead, he went in the middle and asked Alcaraz if she was okay. She told him to call 911.

Alcaraz had bruises and red marks on his skin, according to the video, and initially told his agent he wanted to press charges. But a few minutes later, when the lieutenant approached Stratton, he found his face covered in blood.

Nicky Alcaraz and Steven Tyler Stratton in black

Cheatham County, Tennessee lawmakers said Nicky Alcaraz, left, went missing during a transcontinental road trip with her boyfriend, Steven Tyler Stratton. The couple reportedly got into a domestic dispute in New Mexico en route, but no charges were filed. (Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office)

“I don’t know what happened,” the truck driver later told the lieutenant when discussing the possibility that the two were mutual combatants. “But just because she was on her floor and he hit her while she was down, she doesn’t think she was her assailant.”

“I think she was probably defending herself at some point,” he added.

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Nikki Alcaraz has bruises on his face and arms

The Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee released a photo of Nicky Alvaras with bruises on her face and arms. She disappeared earlier this month during a transcontinental road trip in New Mexico after allegedly arguing with her boyfriend. (Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office)

Stratton was initially sitting on the sidewalk with no shoes and smoking when the deputy approached him.

The lieutenant handcuffed Stratton and seized a knife from his right front pocket.

Nikki Alcaraz’s black 2013 Jeep Wrangler. (Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office)

There was blood on the side of the car, and it was suspected that they had punched each other while driving on the freeway, and sheriffs ruled the two as “mutual combatants.”

At one point, the lieutenant questions Stratton about whether Alcaras is an invader. The handcuffed man claims he doesn’t want to change his story or press charges.

“We have a problem because there are so many other things going on,” Mr Stratton told deputies. “Her mental problems.”

Nicky Alcaraz Shows Deputy Red Mark

Nikki Alcaraz pictured at a stop in New Mexico on May 4th. (Torrance County Sheriff’s Office)

The lieutenant asked her if she had been diagnosed with any illness, but he said he did not know.

“I’ve never seen Nicky act like this before,” Stratton says. “She doesn’t want to embarrass her, but for the last two months she’s been hitting me with passing out after a beer or two.”

    Nikki Alcaraz fixing her hair

Nashville woman Nicky Alcaraz was caught on body camera video days before she went missing while on a road trip to California. A witness told police he saw her boyfriend, Steven Tyler Stratton, punch her in the face on the side of Interstate 40. (Torrance County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the incident report, both men appeared to have been drinking, but each denied ever getting behind the wheel. In the end, the police split up the two men, confiscated the car, and dismissed the charges.

Steven Tyler Stratton sticks tongue out in selfie

Steven Tyler Stratton appears in November. (Tyler Stratton/Facebook)

Before leaving, the witness made a final remark to the lieutenant.

“She seems like a sweet girl,” he said. “She’s a little rowdy, sure, but she deserves no one.”

The day after the altercation, Alcaraz showed up with another man to retrieve the car from the tow yard, according to the incident report.

Steven Tyler Stratton Handcuffed to the Rear of Adjutant's Cruiser

Steven Tyler Stratton was handcuffed to the back seat of his lieutenant’s cruiser after a May 4 domestic violence call. He was released and not charged because authorities ruled him and his girlfriend, Nicky Alcaraz, to be “mutual combatants.” (Torrance County Sheriff’s Office)

I don’t think she’s the attacker just because she’s lying on the floor and he’s hitting her while she’s lying down.

– witness

Alcaraz, also known as Nicky Cunningham, last texted with his family on May 8, according to the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said the couple drove Alcaraz’s black 2013 Jeep Wrangler from Ashland to Orange County, Calif. Her license plate is BGL3539 and she has a bumper sticker that says “Mom tried” or “Mom got tired”.

Authorities are investigating Steven Tyler Stratton after he was subjected to domestic violence on the streets of New Mexico on May 4. Stratton, who was allegedly spotted punching his girlfriend, Nicky Alcaraz, is currently missing. (Torrance County Sheriff’s Office)

Alcaraz may be at risk due to his history of domestic violence, the sheriff’s office said.

Alcalaz is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. She has a large tattoo on her chest, a piercing on her upper lip, and her black hair.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Alcaraz or Stratton should call the Moriarty Police Department at 505-832-6060.

Steven Tyler Stratton handcuffed near paramedic

Authorities are investigating Steven Tyler Stratton after he was subjected to domestic violence on the streets of New Mexico on May 4. Stratton, who was allegedly spotted punching his girlfriend, Nicky Alcaraz, is currently missing. (Torrance County Sheriff’s Office)

This case compares Killing Gaby Pettitwas murdered in Wyoming during a cross-country “van life” road trip with ex-fiancé Brian Landry, just two weeks after the couple were involved in a public domestic violence incident in Utah. That was it.


Police also released 911 audio and body cameras from several officers who arrived in reserve. Fox News Digital is still reviewing the materials.

Fox News’ Haley Chi-Sing, Matteo Cina and Brooke Curto contributed to this report.

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