MLB’s New Uniforms Are So Cheap You Can See Players’ Balls

Major League Baseball’s new uniforms are giving an entirely new meaning to the phrase “nut up or shut up.”

The MLB’s new Fanatics-made uniforms are so cheap and shoddily made that you can literally see players’ nutsacks through their pants.

Numerous photos and videos of MLB players rocking the new threads blatantly show their family jewels in see-through white pants in a wildly embarrassing display for the multi-billion dollar league.

San Francisco Giants beat reporter Alex Pavlovic posted a photo of Giants infielder Casey Schmitt in which you can see the entire outline of his hacky sack through his see-through white pants.

The Seattle Mariners also posted a Twitter video of catcher Cal Raleigh wearing the new pants, and you can clearly see the bottom of his jersey tucked into his pants perfectly shaping the outline of his glizzy.

I just honestly can’t get over how funny this is. Big league ball players walking around with their weiners and dogs on display for all the world to see. (RELATED: Richest Owner In Baseball Is Acting Like A Broke Bum, Refusing To Spend To Replace Injured Star)

How Fanatics is getting away with this is beyond me. They took over as the manufacturer for the league’s Nike-designed uniforms coming into this season and their new editions are so bad that even the MLB Players Association had to say something.

Heck, even Fanatics own support team thinks they suck.

I just don’t understand how a multi-billion dollar operation can have such a glaring lack of oversight that they have allowed Major League ballplayers to take the field with their genitals showing. For Pete’s sake, kids watch this sport.