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MMA Fighter Proposes To Girlfriend After Loss, Gets Rejected In Front Of Audience

Just after a humiliating defeat at the Clash of the Stars event in the Czech Republic, mixed martial arts fighter Lukas Bukovaz suffered another embarrassment — being turned down after proposing to his girlfriend.

Bukovaz had recently lost a bout against Jan Michalek in a two-on-one match. Video footage circulating on social media shows the fighter getting down on one knee with a ring and asking his girlfriend to marry him. (RELATED: FedEx Fires Employee After Dana White Catches Him Shooting Packages Into Delivery Truck Like He’s Kobe Bryant)

Unfortunately for the fighter, his girlfriend wasn’t too keen on the idea. “Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,” she said into the microphone after his proposal, according to a translation from Metro. “I don’t think so.”

Later in the clip, a man is seen throwing water at Bukovaz’s girlfriend after the rejection.

The girlfriend explained why she turned down Bukovaz’s proposal, accusing him of cheating on her with another woman before the match, according to Metro. The video drew a response online.

“The most interesting match of the evening so far,” one Instagram user commented.

“Double L,” another wrote.

“I was embarrassed for him,” a third posted.

The fighter has denied the allegations.

“I did not cheat on her,” he repeatedly said in a video interview later published on Instagram.

His denial sparked another series of comments. Some online were favorable towards the fighter, though others were skeptical.

“Rejection is God’s protection! She is not for you! You deserve better!” one account commented.

“He cheated on her I know,” a second wrote.

“I think that if he won, she would have told him yes, but just that he lost, she wanted to sink and embarrass him, so she said no and that he cheated on her,” another posted.

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