Money U.S. Spending to Defend Ukraine Is a ‘Deal’

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH), the front-runner for 2024, said Sunday in CNN’s “State of the Union address” that the money the US is spending to help Ukraine in its war against Russia is a “deal.” said it is.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “According to a CNN poll, about 40% of Republican voters now support Donald Trump, and about 36% support Ron DeSantis.” Since you didn’t declare it, I think my question is the majority of Republicans supporting people who disagree with you about how important Ukraine is. Explain to skeptical Republican voters why this is in the national interest: why is it in the national interest to support Ukraine in the war?”

Sununu said. Yes, all of Eastern Europe is at risk if Russia is allowed to invade Ukraine and fly over it. You are putting every NATO ally out there at risk. And when NATO allies are in danger, there is real danger of having to put potential US forces on the ground. But if they start attacking NATO allies in Eastern Europe, that’s a much bigger problem now. Send a message to China, which is targeting And it endangers our consumers, it jeopardizes our manufacturers, it jeopardizes our economy. This goes home very, very quickly. I’ve heard people say i agree with that. No blank check. We are giving Ukraine about $50 billion. Realize this, $50 billion is needed to keep her one army off the ground and potentially defeat and obliterate the Russian military. I am the most financially conservative governor in this country. This is an excellent effort to help us play and help our allies around the world play. ”

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